Creativity sOCORRO ALvarado

Scooters you can ride to go to location to location and you may also go to skate park with it. that's kind of where its meant to be.

Galantis is a music producer that made some top songs in the past. There genre in music is Dance pop, Big Room House, progressive House, and Electro House.

Trap music not many people seem to interested in it but it's music that you can really dance to like shuffling.

Anime, there like cartoons but more detailed people don't seem to like it because they think it's all about romance or because other people don't seem to like it.

Sport Teams, any team really and sport it can be football, soccer, hockey, and etc.

cartoon, usually the funny shows are cartoons and they as well are entertaining.

Valley, calm areas that you can stay relaxed in.

Soccer, easy but hard

Skate park, a place you can go to, to do cool things on a bmx bike, pro scooter, or skateboard.

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