Everyone Drives Like a Moron! I swear

Everyone is an idiot. I swear to God. No one on this God damn planet knows how to drive their God damn cars. I swear, no one. Trust me, I've seen it all. These morons all drive with bright lights on at night just blindin the hell out of me. Oh, and don't even get me STARTED on parking lots. Parking lots are quite honestly the creation of morons. I'm great at parking, probably the best. But these IDIOTS at my school don't get that the car is supposed to go between the lines or that you can't back up while someone is driving by. I'm not sure how the hell most of these half-brained monkeys got licenses in the first place! I swear, most of them should have failed before they walked their dumb asses into the DMV. Probably none of them should even have their ugly mugs photographed for a license ever in their sad, pathetic lives. And neither do old people. God, old people like my next door neighbor Old Leonard shouldn't drive either. He's nice and all--you'd like him, I promise you would--but that man is blinder than a bat and deafer than a man with no ears. I swear, he should be locked up and not allowed within two broomsticks of a car. That' how bad he is. Oh, and this one time, I was driving home from a basketball game, and oh God, you don't even want to know. I can't stand it. I was driving up the street and someone showed up out of nowhere-cut me off and didn't even signal! Damn near killed me. Fricken' idiots, I swear.

me @ all these phonies
every time I see another teenager driving


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