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Hello, my name is Simran. I researched Social Media. I was interested in this topic because social media is used a lot these days. The purpose of my research was to find out what people think about social media. I asked the question "Do you use social media?" To answer my research question I asked at least 10 people. The sample group was made up of girls and guys, age, and what grade they are in. I picked this group because then it will tell me if girls use more social media or guys did. I avoided sample bias by not comparing to age group.


I was expecting to find a lot of people who use social media because 81% of the world population use social media. I kind of found what I was expecting. More than half of the people use social media. My survey did achieve its purpose. This is because I thought people use Snap Chat and Instagram the most and that is true. I think that the results can be applied to everyone in population. This is because Snap Chat and Instagram are the top 10 most social media used. The results of this survey can be used to see how much and what kind of social media do people use.

Type of Social Media

As a next step I would make more people take my survey. So I know if my thinking is right or not. If I was to do my survey again I would not make changes to my questions.


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