Adobe Field Trip A family reunion

This week was amazing! Finally I could attend an Adobe Field Trip. It was so much fun because it had activities for all the family.

Rafael Hidalgo y TerĂ¡n Estrada

Dancing to Bollywood the entire family.

This image was created for the Photoshop Workshop. Thanks Russell Brown for the Tips & Tricks

Origami swan made of all colors. It represents the diversity that we are.

Video submitted for the Film Festival. Edited at the Rush Workshop.

Our video submitted for the Dance Class. Flash Mob worthy.

Using Aero with the Adobe Field Trip logo. Made at the Aero Workshop. Thanks to Chantel Benson #AdobeAero

Lava Lamp experiment. We placed the flashlight of the phone below for a better effect.

Sugar-Water Rainbow activity. It was the hardest to make, but really worth it.

Used my avatar for the Character Animator Workshop.

This Spark Page was made for the Adobe Spark Workshop. Thanks Tanya Avrith for the class. #SparkMade

Thanks to everyone that made this event possible

Created By
Rafael Hidalgo y Teran Estrada


Adobe Field Trip 2020