The change

Astronauts think that the change is big because it will be strong that we are the only planet with life. Since 60 years ago, we are looking for aliens. For example they try radio signals with radio scopes. But until today, we never found big proofs. Humans are now searching for aliens with two things: Within our galaxy we are looking for places where life can be and places outside our galaxy with radio scopes to find radio signals. When a planet or a group planets make a change in intelligent life. Can humans send a message to them that will arrive in a couple of years. When these planets receive this messages they know that there is more life and they can send back a message. Humans think that a lot of places aren’t good enough for life.


You all know UFOs right? We call the transporters of aliens UFOs, UFOs are mostly thought as round small flying things. Area 51 says that they have a ufo in their base, but they don’t want to show proofs about it because it is top secret.

Area 51

More about area 51 it is a place in the desert of America. Some people think they know where it is but no one knows it for real. Since 1955 area 51 was used for black projects. Black projects were tests for new military airplanes. At August the 15 2013 the CIA released secret documents about the area 51. Now some projects the area 51 did. U-2 project: The Groom Lake test facility was established in April 1955 by the CIA for Project Aquatone, the development of the Lockheed U-2 strategic aircraft. D-21: Following the loss of Gary Powers U2 over the Soviet Union, there were several discussions about using A-12 OXCART as an unpiloted drone aircraft. The first D-21 was completed in the of 1964 by Lockheed. After four more months of testing, the aircraft was shipped to Groom Lake. Difficulties were addressed throughout 1964 and 1965 at Groom Lake with various technical issues. Captive flights showed unforeseen aerodynamic difficulties. By late January almost a year ago the first test flied, everything seemed ready. The last years a lot of scientists said things about area 51. They said that in the area 51 are some UFOs that travels faster than the light. So some scientists said that there are aliens in the base and that they live 69 light years from here. We hope that the area 51 will tell more about aliens because we can learn new things from them and we can learn the aliens new things, also when we have UFOs we can see a lot more of the galaxy.

Signs of aliens

There are a lot of signs of aliens, one of them is corn circles. That’s a circle in a field of corn, we think UFOs made them, but we are not for sure.


They are figuring out of aliens can live on other planets than earth, on Mars there is a robot, which ride there around for research. They said we can live on Mars, but if you are there you can’t go back because it takes a lot of years to travel. When you are there, and you want to go back because it is boring you probably die in your rocket in the way back. People think a lot of planets are not suitable for aliens to live there.


Living on Venus, the people say it is possible. In the early 20th century, Venus was often thought to be similar to Earth in terms of habitability, but observations since the beginning of the Space Age have revealed that Venus’s surface is inhospitable to Earth-like life. However, between an altitude of 50 and 65 kilometers, the pressure and temperature are Earth-like, and it has been hypothesised that aerial microbial life could exist. Furthermore, Venus likely had liquid water on its surface for at least a few million years after its formation.

Europa, a moon of Jupiter

Jupiter has a moon to, its named Europa. Jupiter’s moon Europa has been subject to speculation about the existence of life due to the strong possibility of a liquid water ocean beneath its ice surface. The case for life on Europa was greatly enhanced in 2011 when it was discovered that vast lakes exist within Europa’s thick, icy shell. Scientists found that ice shelves surrounding the lakes appear to be collapsing into them, thereby providing a mechanism through which life-forming chemicals created in sunlit areas on Europa’s surface could be transferred to its interior. On 11 December 2013, NASA reported the detection of “clay-like minerals”, often associated with organic materials, on the icy crust of Europa. The presence of the minerals may have been the result of a collision with an asteroid or comet according to the scientists. The Europa Multiple-Flyby Mission, which would assess the habitability of Europa, is planned for launch in 2025. Europa’s subsurface ocean is considered the best target for the discovery of life.

Enceladus, a moon of Saturn

Enceladus, a moon of Saturn, has some of the conditions of life, including geothermal activity and water vapor, as well as possible under-ice oceans heated by tidal effects. The Cassini-Huygens probe detected carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen, those are all key elements for supporting life. During its 2005 flyby through one of Enceladus’s geysers spewing ice and gas. the temperature and density of the plumes indicate a warmer, watery source beneath the surface. Titan the largest moon of Saturn, is the only known moon in the Solar System with a significant atmosphere. Data from the Cassini-Huygens mission refuted the hypothesis of a global hydrocarbon ocean, but later demonstrated the existence of liquid hydrocarbon lakes in the polar regions.

A video about alien sightings

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