The Rise of Adolf Hitler 1925-1934

Hitler’s Background

  • Born in Braunau, Austria, Apr. 20, 1889. Not even German!
  • Father Alois Hitler was a “busy” man; an Austrian civil servant.
  • It was said his father may have been Jewish!
  • Mother Klara Pölzl was Alois’ niece!
  • Uneventful childhood – respectable student but dropped out of school early.
  • Wanted to become an artist – moved in w/sister in Vienna, Austria.
  • Failed 3 times to get accepted to Vienna’s top art school – blamed it on Jews!
Hitler at the age of 12, his mother and father
Some of Hitler's artwork

Because of his failure to become an artist, he enlisted in the German army.

Hitler celebrating the German Declaration of war,

Aug. 2, 1914

(Hitler is the one on the Left with the long moustache)

Rose as far as corporal in WWI.

October 7, 1916 was hit in the leg & butt by shell fragments.

October, 1918 was gassed at Ypres and temporarily blinded.

Won 5 medals, including an Iron Cross (August, 1918). Recommended for it by a Jewish officer – Hitler later denied this.

Called sloppy, unusual, and told he lacked military breeding - prevented rise.

Hitler's Love Life

LEFT: Hitler's Niece Geli Raubal, RIGHT: Eva Braun, who Hitler married the night before he died


Officially joined in 1920; made leader in 1921 because of “gift for gab”. He was a GREAT speaker!

NSDAP [National Socialist German Workers Party]. Later called the Nazis.

  • Hitler co-wrote the 25 Points [Nazi manifesto]:
  • Rejected the Treaty of Versailles;
  • Separated from Communists… blamed them for 1918 revolts.
  • Restrict immigration – only Germans can be citizens.
  • Need to have strong, authoritarian government.

The Beer Hall Putsch - 1923

  • Hitler’s attempt to overthrow Bavarian (SE Germany) government in Nov.
  • Thought this was 1st step to taking over Germany
  • Called party into action by leaping onto a table in a tavern!
  • 16 Nazis/ 3 police died as the drunken coup lasted only a few hours.
  • First found cowering under a car, then at a friend’s house after he abandoned the coup. He was jailed, sentenced 5 years – served 9 months.


  • Hitler’s book written in prison –
  • Mein Kampf =“MY STRUGGLE”
  • Set out goals for Germany, claimed “Aryans” (Caucasians of pure German descent) were a master race destined to rule, esp. over Jews, Eastern Europeans
  • Called for more Lebensraum, “living space” & growth of German pop’n
  • Called for Anschluss – unification of Austria and Germany
  • Made threats to German enemies
  • Book was not popular at first…

The SCHUTZSTAFFEL (SS)- AKA the "Black shirts"

Left: Hitler, Right: Himmler, leader of the SS
  • Hitler’s personal bodyguards – “Elite Guards” – created 1925.
  • Handpicked by Hitler and SS Heinrich Himmler (above)
  • Only 100 in 1925; would later be secret intelligence service (SD), secret police (gestapo), and controlled concentration camps.
  • In the 1920s, Hitler believed that SS members had to be racially pure.
  • Must show traits of the “Aryan Race”

The STURMABTEILUNG (SA) - AKA the "Brown Shirts"

Left: Hitler and the SA, Right: Ernst Rohm, leader of the SA
  • Hitler’s muscle – The SA – “Storm Troopers”.
  • Used physical violence and propaganda to appeal to people & boost Hitler’s public image.
The Rise in Popularity of the Nazi Party
  • Hitler appealed to everyone… farmers (German volk), workers, businessmen, women, and even the Pope!
  • Hitler was, arguably, the greatest orator of the 20th Century.
  • Germans swore an oath to Hitler, not God!
  • Hitler runs for president but loses to Hindenburg. He won a third of the vote, making him a force to be reckoned with- March 20, 1932
  • July 31, 1932, Hitler demands to be named Chancellor, the second most powerful position in government
Hitler greeting citizens and army members
  • In 1933, Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany- January 1933
  • He gave himself the title “der Fuhrer” meaning “the leader”
  • Shortly after, he disbanded the Reichstag (parliament)
  • This ended the democratic republic and start of Nazi reich

The REICHSTAG FIRE- February 1933

parliament building in flames
  • The Reichstag (parliament) burnt down
  • A communist was found inside the building. He admitted responsibility
  • Chancellor Hitler was able to convince people that the Communists were trying to take power by terrorism.
  • He was able to have the Communists banned from the Reichstag.
  • With the Communists banned from the Reichstag Hitler was able to pass: THE ENABLING ACT (Hitler can rule ALONE for 4 years, without consulting parliament)

THE NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES- June 30- July 1, 1934

  • Hitler had to get rid of Rohm. He was too much of a threat.
  • On the night of 30th June 1934 Hitler’s S.S. killed over 1000 SA members including Rohm.
  • The army were pleased.
  • Hitler had gained the support of the army.


  • A final note:


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