We found Secret Island And the TREASURE

This week in Mantle the Sea Creature came to visit us again. He was dancing in the sea and making music by rocking out a steady beat. He told the team that he loved music and would love it if they could join in too. We had lots of fun playing with the musical instruments and singing songs. We continued to look for Secret Island and Omar eventually spotted it while he was looking through his telescope. The team were so excited and climbed off the ship where they met The Grumpy Toad. The toad had lots of treasure to share and we had a fab pirate party. Well done Exciting Explorers, I can’t wait for our next adventure.

In maths we have been busy reading the story of Peppa’s Washing Day. The children have done a great job counting objects to five, recognising written numerals to 5 and understanding the number of objects without counting. We also played a game of football and wore numbered shirts.

This week we started our Take Home Library and the children have enjoyed sharing a variety of books and chosing their favourites to take home. They looked carefully at the pictures and talked about why they liked the story.