Cerberus's Petshop collars, food, etc

Welcome to my store i'm Cerberus i am a 3 headed dog that has the mane of snakes, and has claws of a Lion.

My parents are Typhon and Echidna the " father and mother of all monsters"

I have no children or spouse which is why my store is very small.

We sell fireproof food bowls, leashes and ect. Because I am the god of the Underworld allowing the dead to enter but letting none out.

I work with Hercules because he helps me pay for the store and he controls all of the money because he is the CFO.

Hercules sooner or later had control over me and moved me to a different place, and picked out different toys that could be in the sun because he moved me to Eurystheus.

These are some of the items we sell in my petshop!!!!!!!

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