A Fun Day Dawn K.

My Beach Vacation

I’ve had many fun days,but I’ll never forget the day I went on vacation with my grandma and my sister , Ellie. The first thing we did was eat breakfast and got ready. (We had waffles and it was delicious!) Next, my mom drove to her old store because that is where our grandma was going to meet us.When we got to the store,we got in my grandma’s car and said good-bye.We drove for about 2 hours and it was pretty boring on the way there but it was worth it! When we got to the beach, we unpacked our things.The most fun thing we did was swim!We also found some really cool seashells! (They were really pretty!) The sand was nice and so was the water! We went back inside and ate a delicious chicken fajita and dessert! After dinner, we watched a little bit of tv. Finally, we went to bed and got a good night sleep.


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