Quarter 2 book project parker swaggerty


For my project I chose the book The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider. In this book the main character, Ezra, is a straight A student and team captain of the tennis team and one of the 'popular people'. He believes everyone has a tradgety waiting to happen. His hasn't happened, yet. In seventh grade he didtched his best friend, Toby , after his tragedy happened and hung out with the 'popular people' instead. At a party, he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him and went to drive home, and that's when his 'tradgedy' happened, as he was backing out a car came and hit him. He found out that he couldn't play tennis anymore, due to his injuries. On the first day of school, his former best friend talks to him and they hang out. For the next couple of days they hang out and sit at lunch together. There is a new girl that hangs out with them named Cassidy. Even though she is new to the school, Toby and his friends know her from debate. They all have debate together and sign each other up for it. They all did debate and became good friends and Cassidy and Ezra started dating. They were all going to a dance but Cassidy ditched and broke up with Ezra. Ezra then went on to find why she did this and is she was hiding something. He found out that her brother was the one in the car who hit him. He also figured out that her brother died soon after so she couldn't look at Ezra without thinking about her brother. Ezra finished high school and went to college outside of California.


This book takes place at Eastwood High in Eastwood, California.


  • Ezra Faulkner: The main character. He is smart. He is learning to except himself in the book.
  • Toby Elliot: Ezra's best friend. He is smart and funny and nice to Ezra even if Ezra and his friends were mean to him. He helps Ezra through out the book
  • Charlotte Hyde: Ezra's ex-girlfriend. She is manipulative and selfish. She tries to get Ezra to do things that she will benefit from.
  • Cassidy Thrope: New girl in school. Smart and pretty. Seems independent and carefree.
  • Luke Sheppard: part of Toby's friend group. Is always trying to compete with Ezra.
  • Phoebe Chang: Luke's girlfriend. Nice. Friends with Ezra in the new group. Gets along with everyone.


For my comparison book I chose the book Extraordinary means because it is also by Robyn Schneider.


  • The books are both by Robyn Schneider.
  • The characters personalities are mostly the same.


  • Different characters.
  • Different story lines.

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