Ecuador Quito

The Ecuadorian woman dress, has a white blouse, a blue skirt, and a shawl is usually worn. Jewelry is very important in there cloture. They wear layers of necklaces, and gold, red, and coral bracelets. As for the men there clothing consists of a blue poncho, a fedora or a hat, they also wear white pants that are calf lengthed.

The yellow stands for the abundance and fertility of the crops. The bule represents the color of the sea and sky. And the red stripe on the flag stands for the blood shed by the soldiers and martyrs of the independence battles.

Starting from right to left is Arroz con pollo, next is the Pan De Yuca, and last is called langostinos.

Ecuadors population is 16,625,776.

About 71.9% of the population in Ecuador is mestizo, and 14.4% is Amerindian, 7.2% is black, and 6.1% is white, and the last 0.4% is other.

The money in Ecuador is called Banco Central Del Ecuador ( central bank of Ecuador)

The tribes in the Northern Highlands of Ecuador formed the kingdom of Quito. Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro Concord the land in 1532. Throughout the 17th century a Spanish colony Thrived by exploitation of the Indians. Members of the defeated party had assassinated Francisco Pizarro in the year of 1541.

Ecuadors national language is Spanish.

Ecuadorian go to a Roman Catholic Church.

Ecuador's time is one hour faster than our time.

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