The Outback Food Web Brett and Sam

The Australian Outback is a unique habitat, home to many interesting animals. You will see how these animals interact with each other and how they create this beautiful ecosystem.

Some of the carnivores of this ecosystem include: Dingoes, Bandy Bandy Snakes, Greater Stick Nest Rats, Wedge Tailed Eagles, and Thorny Devils,

Some of the herbivores include: Emus, Princess Parrots, Koalas, and Red Kangaroos

Some of the producers include Red River Trees, Flat Top Acacias, Marigold Daisies, and Grass.

The predator that we chose to introduce, was the Komodo Dragon. These carnivorous animals feed off kangaroos, Wild Goats, and Jackrabbits in the Australian Outback. If it was added, the Marigold Daisy would go up because Komodo Dragons eat Kangaroos which feed on Marigold Daises causing the number of them to go up. The Emu population would go down because Komodo Dragons would eat them. Dingos, would go down because Komodo Dragons would also eat them.

Humans would affect this biome in a number of ways. The main way, is by chopping down trees. This would make the number of producers to go down causing the food web to become unbalanced.

If a fire were to occur here, it would mess up the food web. This is because it would burn down all the trees and shrubs that consumers feed off of. For example, Koalas feed off Red River Trees. If these trees all died out, then the Koalas would loose their main food source as well as the Dingoes.

When rebuilding in our ecosystem occurred, it would be secondary-succession because an ecosystem existed there previously.

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