The Davos Lab: Youth Recovery Plan An Initiative of the Global Shapers Community

To celebrate International Youth Day, the Global Shapers Community will launch the Youth Recovery Plan.

In January 2021, we launched the Davos Lab Initiative – a multistakeholder approach to better understand the changing views and expectations of the next generation on society, government and business. As part of the initiative, Global Shapers facilitated dialogues and surveys in 150 cities. These dialogues engaged more than 2 million people and resulted in a Youth Recovery Plan featuring 40 policy recommendations to end intergenerational inequity.

Youth Recovery Plan Launch

On 12 August 2021 at 15:00 CEST, the Youth Recovery Plan will be launched via a global press release and live session. Subscribe to the Forum's news releases to follow the launch live and register for the session on TopLink, featuring Professor Klaus Schwab and Wadia Ait Hamza.

Help Amplify Your Insights and Ideas

The Youth Recovery Plan calls for stricter environmental policies, financial safeguards, increased access to technology and investment in programmes to support more young people into politics. Whether you are a Global Shaper, or a supporting individual or organization, you can help amplify the plan and its recommendations following these three easy steps.

  • Share the report on 12 August with stakeholders in your city. Email the report to potential hub partners, including your city's mayor or other business and civil society leaders.
  • We call on every Global Shaper to begin talks with your governments, businesses and decison-makers to bring the Youth Recovery Plan's recommendations to life.
  • Implement a hub project on 1 of the 10 Davos Lab Pillars and upload it to TopLink. We have a rare yet narrow window to build back better. The time is now to take action.
  • A outreach email template will be uploaded shortly for you to contact local stakeholders.
  • Invite local stakeholders to follow the livestream on 12 August. The live session on TopLink will be shared across Global Shapers social media channels. Invite participants from your local dialogues so they can see the global outcome of your local conversations.
  • Host a launch event in your city. Invite local stakeholders to come together and present the forty policy recommendations and insights outlined in the Youth Recovery Plan.
  • Present the Youth Recovery Plan Pitch Deck (be sure to download Apercu, the official font of Global Shapers to ensure the right formatting) and leverage the Davos Lab Toolkit best practices when hosting an in-person launch event or use the Virtual Session Guide.

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Congratulate the Davos Lab Taskforce

A dedicated taskforce of Global Shapers and Alumni led the design and delivery of the Davos Lab and Youth Recovery Plan. Congratulate on TopLink the 25 members who worked together to help mobilize dialogues and synthesize key findings or email DavosLab@globalshapers.org.