W. Eugene Smith Khadija Shirwa

Where is the artist from? Grew up? Time period?

William Eugene Smith was born in December 30, 1918 and died in October 15, 1978. He was born in Wichita, Kansas. His mother Nettie was a photographer, so her learned from her. Smith became interested in photography when he was thirteen and started publishing his work in magazines.

What happened in their life that was significant? Memorable? An event that stands out?

Eugene Smith got a scholarship to University of Norte Dame. He left to New york after a year and worked for different companies. In 1939 his work was mainly about WWII. He photographed the conditions of war and how it was affecting the people. After that he continued to freelance for LIFE magazine.

Overall meaning of their artwork?

Smith wanted his photos to show what was going on in life. He wanted to show emotion and realness. He wanted to change people's life and how they think. I think the photographer should have some reason or purpose. I would hate to risk my life to take another bloody picture for the Daily News, but if it might change man’s mind against war, then I feel that it would be worth my life

Impact of the artist and his/her work on society? Or art in general?

When he died he left some the most powerful pictures in photography. He made this type of photography called photo essay which means mixing your life with the life of your subjects.

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