Ciné Tribe Studios A New Paradigm for Film Production

A Next Level Boutique Film Studio in the Caribbean

In the magical Riviera Maya, a world-class studio complex is being designed to nurture the inner world of the filmmaker; innovating processes and enhancing outcomes.

On roughly 10 hectares of Caribbean jungle in the Mexican Riviera, we'll provide the latest production technologies in a variety of interior and exterior environments, all designed around groups, or a lone artist on assignment.

In Phase One

We'll be operating as an Exclusive Club for Media Professionals.

In this phase, Ciné Tribe will have an outdoor mega Cinema screen near the Cenote (small lake). The Mayan Tower (see also in the video below) will have a beautiful 'inspiration room', an 'editing film/music recording suite' and 4 apartments; and scattered in the jungle, 5 raised habitats.

Currently in Construction

All this for catering to individuals or groups who wish to see to the development of their film and music productions.

In phase one we'll also be running the Ciné Tribe International Film Festival and our Cinematic Arts Studio.

We’re building a new paradigm for a beautiful Cinematic Renaissance.

Ciné Tribe's annual Film Festival will cultivate a global network of leading filmmakers who care about the trajectory of cinema and society. At Ciné Tribe (film festival & resort), we’ll be highlighting a mastermind culture for collectively taking hold of the future of mainstream cinema.

Visit the 'Cine Tribe International Film Festival' website here.

Phase Two

In phase two, Ciné Tribe will add up to 8 luxury bungalows and 12 more apartments.

With further facilities such as a fabulous Yoga-Tree and Spa/Pool, a film library, a restaurant and cafe, a screening room / indoors cinema and more luxurious bungalows; producers and their development/editing teams will thrive in a cinematic haven, made for conceiving inspiring and superior work.

Latest Technologies for Leading Edge Industry Compliance

Phase Three

Two or Three Sounds Stages, Recording Studio, Movie Theater, Music Concert Hall, etc.

Cloud Based Services for Global Collaboration

With the addition of various public accessible features we'll be building a cinephile community: Ciné Tribe. Joint access (studio clients & public) facilities will include an all-day Internet cafe, an exclusive restaurant, a cinema for special programming and an amphitheater for performance based special events.

Cultivating innovative workflows, Ciné Tribe will provide 'Creation Stations' (networked access points to project files and other creative tools) no matter where in the studio complex you find yourself; even within your own living quarters.

Catering to All Stages of Film and Music Production

Developing projects and filming at Ciné Tribe makes you part of an Exclusive Club of film artists and facilitators, all dedicated to pioneering a new level of cinematic work.

Ciné Tribe - Tulum

Masterminding the Ciné Tribe Vision

Ana Lucia Alves & Matthew J. Marreale

Matthew & Ana Lucia share life, love and a determination to revolutionize CINEMA and its appreciation; as separate from other forms of media.

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