Domino Dashers SM,AB,JL,EB

The start of our device was a track with a car. The track is an inclined plane and was used to create the optimal potential energy. The car is a wheel and axle. The car went down the track, then hit a train.

Front Of Track

The train used the car’s energy to hit a ball. The ball knocked into dominoes. Dominoes are third class levers. The dominoes swerved down the table and eventually hit another ball.

The ball went down a slanted cardboard box. The cardboard box is an example of an inclined plane. The ball went down the cardboard box then rung a bell.

At first we tried to pop a balloon with a pendulum, but the pulley didn’t work. We later decided to change it the design to our final design.

The hardest part of the process was figuring out how our device was going to work. At first we tried to use a pulley and a pendulum to pop a balloon, but the pulley wasn’t working. Later we decided to ring a bell, which was our final device. Our device didn’t last 10 seconds, so if we had more time we would be able to make our device longer.

The best part of our process was the dominoes. The dominoes were a good transition that normally worked. The ball going down the cardboard box also worked well.

We divided up our tasks well. Andrew and Sid did the dominoes. Evan did the car and track. Evan and Andrew took the pictures and videos. Sid and Jack timed the device. Jack and Sid worked with the cardboard box. We used trial and error to create our device. Our group members worked well together.


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