Manganese By Julia

Manganese is a metal and is solid at room temperature. Its boiling point is 2334 K and its melting point is 1519 K. It has a whitish-gray color when purified and is brittle.

Symbol: Mn Atomic number: 25 Atomic mass: 54.938

Manganese is a relatively common element and is found in many household items. Manganese is in batteries, medicine, vitamins and amethyst. It is also in steel.

Manganese was discovered by Johan Gottlieb Gahn in Sweden in 1774.

The word manganese comes from the Latin word magnesia.

Manganese is what gives amethyst its purple color.

Many foods such as cloves, spinach, brown rice and oats are very rich in manganese. Adults have about 15-20 mg of manganese stored in their bodies.

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