Footloose: The Musical presented by Barter Theater

Did You Ever Busted For Bopping?

Barter Theater presents an iconic musical like no other. The classic story of Footloose comes to life on Barter Theater’s Gilliam Stage with lively music and dancing. Footloose is the story of a young man who, in the midst of change, challenges the social norms of his new town. The story is set in the small town of Bomont and the main character, Ren McCormack, quickly learns the town has placed a ban on dancing and rock music. Ren, along with his classmates and friends, attempt to convince the mayor to remove the ban unsuccessfully.

The musical takes the audience through the growing pains of a community. Through the music, the struggle for change and the joyfulness of song and dance are felt in the heart of the audience.

"Change fosters growth. Even a variation we may perceive as a negative, from that shift positive results can follow—if we allow ourselves to embrace an undoubtable hope for renewal. FOOTLOOSE, while tuneful with iconic 80s music, the story itself is not a simplistic bubble gum confection about a ban on dancing. It’s a journey of self-awareness during change. A transformative tale of how people of firm convictions come to each, and then discover themselves anew." - Director Paul Russell

Footloose is a dynamic musical. It is a story of love, strife, and growth. The classic scenes of a timeless story will come to life at Barter Theater. It will leave the audience with an urge to hop on stage and dance away with Ren and his friends.

Tickets available from May 19 - August 12. For ticket purchasing information please visit:

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