Life in the 1920'S vs 1930's

Leisure Time 1920's & 1930's

Americans have fun to see jazz shows. This shows the progress of the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920's.
Many people in the 30's turn to the radio to escape from their problems.

Economy 1920's & 1930's

The economic downfall in 1920's.
In the 1930's the unemployment rate increased.

Role of Government 1920's & 1930's

President Hoover of the 1920's. He didn't do much for the people, he was disliked by many.
President Roosevelt signing paper to become president, winning against Hoover.

Home life 1920's & 1930's

Women were flappers. Were very enthusiastic, and went out a lot.
Women in the 1930's lost jobs, most stayed inside being housewives.

In the 1920’s The Harlem Renaissance took place, this was a positive impact on the African Americans lives. Jazz became a really popular source of entertainment which made a bond between whites and blacks. Everyone went to speakeasies and had a good time, drinking and dancing. However, things started to shift during the 1930’s. People barely had enough money to eat, and to go out on the town. Instead, they would all gather around the radio listening to broadcasts. The Economy in the 1920s boomed, due to consumerism by having advertisement that consists of new cars, radios, vacuums, clothes, food that caught Americans eyes. Also Americans took privilege of “Buy Now Pay Later ” and soon went in debt trying to catch up on the new trends, and that showed a lot of destruction in the 1930’s. The economy in the 1930’s wasn't so great for the americans. This is where The stock market crash took place, which caused most people to sell out their stocks. In 1933, the unemployment rate was unbelieveably low. In the 1920’s The Role of Government was doing very poorly having President Hoover the president. He didn't do anything productive, he failed to stop the great depression. And he showed no respect or attention to the people, so in return the people did not like him. Things although started to shift in the 1930’s. President Hoover lost against Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a presidential election which was a positive impact on everyone's lives. In the 1920’s Home life was very exciting. Women would go out and were flappers, so pumped about the 19th amendment. In contrast, In the 1930’s women had lost jobs, causing them to stay home, and to do housework, take care of kids. For blacks, In the 1920’s they were sharecroppers, they had homes, lived on rented land, had jobs. 1930’s, they tended to have job loss. They started living in crowded neighborhoods. And had to battle against whites for jobs.


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