Aaron Cambell Spark Presentation

Aaron Campbell is digital artist who is based out of Vancouver Canada. "I’ve got a soft spot for gradients and am always trying to make things more beautiful and functional".

  • Freelance Designer & Illustrator Ecstatic Creative Explorations — Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Lead Designer Tapicnic — British Columbia, Canada
  • Graphic Designer War Room Inc. — Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Clients List: Nike Canada, Adobe, Dreamworks, GQ China, Schwartzhog, RockEmApparel, Trillectro, Rethink Canada, MediaMonks,

Paparazzi: A photo manipulation depicting the sometimes vicious nature of paparazzi.
Explore Your Passion- Created for Adobe’s university recruitment program to be used as a large backdrop for their booth.
Gameboy Adventure Awaits - ad designed for Nintendo
Droplets PT. 2 Personal style explorations
Fleetwood Concept art
My new little Buddy A story about a boy named Danny who finds a strange little creature on his way home from school.
Lebrons shoes.
An Illustration from 2014
A piece of art called Cheese
Alchemic Dream This was a commissioned piece for Alchemic Dream‘s new website.

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