Better Parenting of Young adults

Insight as a parent of a young adult is important to have to accurately meet the needs of the child and prepare he or she for adulthood.

Insight is knowing parental responsibilities and the needs of the child.

The most important needs of a young adult all revolve around feeling loved and respected.

In order to help young adolescents successfully transition into adults, parents should reevaluate and adjust discipline procedures, communication practices, and parenting techniques to fulfill the needs of young adults.

Loving Guidance

Parents should allow their young adult to make decisions and go through the consequences of those decisions in preparation for adulthood.

Open and willing communication is key to continue a healthy bond and establish trust. A willingness to learn new ways of communication is necessary.

Communication through body language, looks, and attitude is just as important as verbal words. A parent's ability to "read" his or her child is an advantage to knowing the child better. Also, remember the young adult is always watching the parent as well.

Communicate with respect and a willingness to listen.

Balance between support and respect

Allowing and encouraging the child to become independent of the parent and grow into an adult.


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