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JANUARY: The Month of January consisted mostly of and introduction to the class, and choosing our countries. The Hardest part for me as a model manager was scaling a real life down into something tangible, with a lot of math. The second hardest part for me was figuring out what dimensions I needed and what pieces to 3D print and how. The current for me struggle is finding as many numbers as possible to have an accurate representation through the model.

Caleb measuring out the center of the base
Caleb painting the base with a primer coat
The finished base with 2 primer coats
A scale drawing of the height and outline of the building
The scale drawing laying next to the building footprint
Full picture of the footprint

FEBRUARY/ MARCH: A large amount of progress was made towards the building of the model, a scale representation was drawn onto the base and a large sheet of Masonite was bought to build the chassis/ walls of the building. Twenty one of these frames will be cut and placed onto the base for support and walls. The overly large sheet of Masonite could also be used to hold up the stairs and we are thinking cardboard for the angular roof design.

Natalie cutting out the catwalk supports
Julia building the stairs to the catwalk
Cheyenne also cutting out catwalk supports (we had to make 22 of these)
Caleb gluing the first catwalk supports on

BEGINNING OF APRIL: Building process is in full operation with plans and materials to complete the rest of the building. The hardest part currently is the amount of crossbars needed to complete the catwalk. To get rid of the sharp edges we plan to use paper mache.

Caleb marking out the side supports

BEGINNING OF APRIL: Our model process was slowed due to lack of assistance to cut out or main walls out of the Masonite. Now work has begun to continue on the stairs and water feature, and painting was completely finished on the water and stairs and catwalk.

Caleb continuing work on side supports
Caleb cutting out the curved roof slats
Continued work on the roof slats
An overall look on project

END OF APRIL: A huge amount of headway was made this couple weeks because walls were put up and stair supports were made. Catwalk is to be put up soon. All other walls have been cut out. Some paint work has been done but more needs to be made.

Cheyenne, Julia, and Natalie gluing on the peak to the building
Closer work on the peaks of the roof
All peaks completed
An overall look at the model
A look of the model with side supports and a coat of paint
All most finished paint job

Beginning of May: Leaps and bounds of work was made since our last entrie, all walls were installed, all roof pieces and peaks were completed .the only thing left remaining to is touch up paint and detail paint. Completion is in sight.

The Finished Product 1/3
The Finished Product 2/3
Finished Product 3/3

May 5: The model is complete!

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Caleb Wehling


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