About Me By this weirdo named riley

My hero would have to be my dad, he was enlisted in the army when he was nineteen, and has served all the way to 2018 is when he will retire from the navy. He also always been fun to hang out and is smart, and also works at the zoo as their only electrician. He is also very fit and good at almost any sport that he tries.

For my career i want to become a firefighter, because I've always wanted to do something sorta in my dads footsteps. Though i never wanted to go in to the U.S army, and people can always hate police officers. Then I saw firefighters get paid a good amount and they have a lot of benefits you also work one day on and then one day off.

One of my favorite sports of all time is lacrosse, and i'm pretty darn good at it if I do say so myself. I also like to play soccer. Then in my free time i like to play video games with all my friends.

One of my favorite accomplishments that i was able to do is play piano. I can almost play any song you throw at me. Then with a little practice i can perfect it. I've been doing piano for about three years too.

My favorite drink is slurpee, i'm pretty sure i have an addiction to them t


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