Iron By: kayla vanbruggen 3rd


Symbol for Iron is Fe

The name is called Iron

Atomic Number 55.847

Protron's has 26 , Neutrons has 30 , Electrons has 26

Iron is a solid and it a metal


It was discovered by known since ancient times

It was used to make the Swords used in crusades

Some facts about Iron are Iron is an element that has been known in its pure form for at least 5,000 years. Iron compounds are essential to all life. Iron is not found as free metal in nature.


Created with images by James St. John - "Zincite-franklinite-calcite rock (zinc ore) (Franklin Marble, Mesoproterozoic, 1.03-1.08 Ga; zinc mine in town of Sterling Hill, northern New Jersey, USA) 2" • fdecomite - "iron" • James St. John - "Iron (Tertiary; Disko Island, Greenland) 2" • jesiehart - "Rust" • Mirandavandorst - "rome ancient times romans"

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