Your Ideal College Town By: Joseph Strzalka


Best College Town

Questions to ask (10 questions not including the person's first and last name.)

-How important are the restaurant, coffee shop, and fast food selections your favorite college town have to offer to you? (1 being not important-5 most important factor)

-How important is the overall safety of your college town? multiple choice question…... includes local hospitals, local crime grade, security, police, etc

-How active is your ideal college towns nightlife?

-Do you prefer a college town with plenty of charm? Or a college town loaded with franchise places?

-How important is the price of living to you?

-Does the weather matter to you?

-Does it matter how closely your college town is afflicted with the university?

-How important is it that your ideal college town is walkable?

-Do you prefer another college setting?

-How important is it that nature trails are available?

-Do you plan on living in a collegetown for the rest of your life?

-How close is the collegetown to a big city?


-Free response: What are a couple of your favorite college towns?

-Which of the following college towns happens to be your favorite?

-Columbia, MO Home to Mizzou

-Bloomington, IN Home to IU

-Urbana Champaign, IL Home to UIUC

-Iowa City, IA Home to Iowa

-Boulder, Colorado Home to CU

-Ann Arbor, MI Home to U Mich

-State College, Penn State

-Madison, WI

-Ithaca, NY

-Bloomington, IL ISU

-College Station, TX

-Oxford, Mississippi

-Cambridge, ma

-Amherst, Ma

-Florida State

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3 paragraph paper- bibliography


Introduction Video

Survey Paper


Wow! The results of this survey are very surprising and have no correlation with my predictions. The first result that shocked me was that only one out of the ten people I surveyed said that an airport is important to their ideal college town. The next thing that surprised me is that Wisconsin Madison was voted as the best college town by my survey. I don’t think that the students I have surveyed are educated enough in college towns. Madison is a thriving town, but I feel Boulder might be the best college town. However, choosing a favorite college town is an opinion based task, and varies from person to person. To sum it all up, I guess I was expecting a collegetown that correlates more with where our student body goes, like Iowa or ISU, to be voted as the best college town on my survey.

I chose my topic because as a rising junior I have started the college selection process. As I move along with this exciting process I have realized that one of the most important things to me about my future school is its local area. Everyone has a different preference on where they would like to live for college. I created this survey so I can help assist people in choosing colleges that meet the criteria they are looking for in a collegetown. I created this survey to help individuals understand the factors that shape the environment they crave. I’m trying to prove that considering the local area of the college you would like to attend is very important. You have to be comfortable with your surroundings at all time.

The results of my survey were beyond interesting. The most commonly attended colleges that students from Notre Dame go to have college towns that correspond with my results. However, when it came to the question that asked students to vote for the best college town, no one chose a town of a college that most ND kids go to. This didn’t shock me though because sometimes students have to go to colleges that they don’t always want to attend. It is often that a student can not afford a college, or does not get accepted to the college of their choice!

1. (first name)

2. (last name)

3. (This question asked about dining and the selection the town has to offer. The red and blue covers those who think off campus dining is important.)

4. (This question asked for people to rate the importance of safety from 1-5. Most people said 3-4.)

5. (This question relates to the party scene and bar selection of the college town. Most people want a heavily active nightlife scene.)

6. (This question asks readers to chose a statement that is given and best describes their college town. Most responders want a small town with a ton of charm and nature trails.)

7. (This question relates to the price of off campus housing. Most people want a cheap college town.)

8. (This question had me shocked. Responders declared that they would like all four seasons or warm weather only.)

9. (This question asks responders to declare how tight they want the bond between the college town and college to be. One was the strongest and most voted.)

10. (People want a walkable college town!)

11. (Not a single person plans to live in a college town for the rest of their life, and most people do not care if an airport is close by.)

12. (Most people want to be close to Chicago, or another large city.)

13. (Students named a few of their favorite college towns. Some of which were on the next given list.)

14. (Students voted for their favorite college town from a list of offerings. Madison Wisconsin won. Congrats to the Badgers!)

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