All About Jordan Wilson!!! 3-13-17

Pasta because there are many different kinds of ways you can cook pasta. You can make alfredo, spaghetti, and other italian foods.

fat life

I want to be a goat because, they are cute and are lovable, and the perfect size i highly recomend getting a goat for you, and your life.

to have a baby by 24-25. Babies are so cute and a handful but i wanna accomplish it and have something of my own.

harley quinn was my favorite, she was bad but good at showing her heart, and she is also pretty like she is goals

this aint the real harley quinn these are ugly ones.

My hero is Mrs. Wilson, she always makes sure I do my absolute best in school. She is a good romodel to society and is very pretty.

ily @mrs. wilson

My favorite thing is too swim then lay out and tan until i get blisters from the sun. Even though the process is very painful I still enjoy what I believe is fun.

Tbh this one is actually makenzie

The movie would be called "Slay My Life" and it would be about the people I hate going to Wendy's and becoming junkies. I would be getting prettier and prettier by the second. Taylor Swift would totally play me and sing one of those country songs she likes to sing.

sorry this one was better than taylor

I would want to be double fudge mint ice cream becuase I like the way it looks. If its nasty I promise I would want to be CHOCALATE!!!

I hate sprinkles

I would want to be scooby doo becuase he is dumb, and acute at the same time. I love this animated freindly character. (Scooby Snacks)

If i could go anywhere, i would go to Jamaica. Jamaica is very cool you can get cute braids and be around different things.

drug and alcoholic counciling, i wanna help people over come problems. People struggle with it and i wanna help save a life.

lol no shoes

I am a night person. I eat, sleep, play on my phone all night, and watch tv, basically i look at peoples drama they post on social media acting really dumb and petty.

my hobbies are eating, and spending money 24/7, everyday 3 times a week. i dont really do anything with my life.

how i twist my hair. i hate i do it every time i get nervous and yeah its a bad habbit

the weirdest thing ive ever eaten, was octupus but it was actually good i would recomend it and id eat it again.

Russell is my favorite family member, he has a good personality and just so much love

i like to aggravate people i do it all the time and i just do it everyday now and im probably gonna keep on keepin' on.

loud, funny, cool cause im too loud and i say the dumbest things to make people laugh and im just laid back.

my life in a movie would be a romantic and comedy movie cause my life is funny but im also in love right now and im so confused basically my life is confused.

i would love to be Chris Angel cause he can do magic and it works out for him and it is very cool what does and he does death magic and he still alive and im pretty sure he can bring hiself back from the dead.


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