Mission: Rid the Stigma Senior, Caylin CoeN shares the stories of those affected by the stigma stamped on mental health

Senior Caylin Coen, a pre-medicine and psychology major from Duluth, Minn., is photographing Bemidji State University students, alumni and staff for a project to increase awareness of mental health and illness.

Caylin Coen

“How would we treat mental health and illness if you could see it with the naked eye?” she said. “How would we feel about it if we knew how it made others feel?"

She hopes her project will offer the BSU campus community a safe place to share their own stories of mental health and illness— either their own personal stories, or those of a friend or loved one — without directly speaking in front of others.

Coen says her project will show that many people are affected by mental health and illness and can help those struggling with mental health to know they are not alone.

Anyone interested in participating in the project can contact Coen. She will present the project at Bemidji State's annual Student Achievement Conference in April 2018.

Caylin Coen, Bemidji State University student

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