GlenwoodTimes #7 - September 2017

Headmaster's Message

We do not live in a perfect world, especially at Glenwood House, judging by what we as a school community have been through during the past few weeks. I would like to use this opportunity to thank the Glenwood House parents, teachers and pupils for the manner in which we all pulled together and supported one another in this time of crisis. It is a huge wake-up call to us all to be vigilant in this challenging world in which we find ourselves, and in which we have to raise our children. No school deserves to go through something like this, and our teachers and parents need to work together to rid society of this scourge.

I want to encourage parents to be involved in the digital world in which their children operate. Technology is here to stay and we cannot wish it away. We do, however, need to set the parameters within which our children move and we need to encourage ethical and responsible use of all devices and platforms. Your child should not have the right to absolute digital privacy. You as a parent should always have access to the technological space in which they find themselves and, believe me, they definitely need help and guidance in this respect. We need to spend more “face-time” with our children and know what is going on in their lives. As Luke Lampbrecht from SAMTOSA mentioned in his address to our parents last week, that never before in history, have children been more “connected” than they are today, however, the reverse also applies in that they have also never been more “disconnected” than they are now. Think about it!


A kind reminder that all September fees MUST be settled in FULL by 8th October 2017

eden xperience

Believe it or not, it was not raining during the first weekend in September and it certainly brought a smile to faces of the Glenwood Parent’s Association who had worked tirelessly over the last three years, only to see Eden Xperience being severely affected by the inclement weather. This year it was not to be! George woke up to glorious sunshine for the entire weekend. The Eden Xperience has, under the Oakhurst banner, certainly become a fixture on the social and sports calender of the Garden Route. This year saw the cycling event being replaced by the Eden Xtreme Water Polo Challenge involving schools from all over the Western and Eastern Cape – and what a success this proved to be!

This weekend’s events were once again characterised by good family fun and a celebration of togetherness, something which happens far too little in these busy times in which we find ourselves. We welcomed athletes from far and wide for the night run on the Friday evening. This was followed by the “Toddler Dash” and the trail run on the Saturday morning, which took place amidst a very enjoyable junior hockey festival. All these activities made for hungry and thirsty crowds and our parents did not let us down. There was food, drink and entertainment aplenty!

My sincere thanks is extended to the Glenwood PA for arranging this wonderful event. Thank you also to all our Glenwood parents, pupils, friends and sponsors who all contributed to making the Eden Xperience such a huge success this year. We look forward to the 2018 event and I’m sure it is going to surpass even this year’s success.

little glens inter-school athletics

A beautiful sunny morning greeted the Little Glens on our arrival at Holy Cross sports fields for this year's Inter School Running event. About 220 children from Little Glens, Beaumont, Fun in the Son and Holy Cross participated in the running races. Our Little Glens were in high spirits as we took to the track. The Gr 00 Balloon race amused the crowds no end, and the sack race was a great hit with the Grade 0 learners, while the Meerkat class had to climb through hula hoops. The siblings and parents got their tekkies on, to take part in the other fun races. The event was enjoyed thoroughly and we look forward to next year as it will be our turn to host this fun event.

Thank you to all who supported this event. It is appreciated.

Grade 0 science experiments

Top Left: Mariya Amanjee demonstrating her science experiment. She created her very own volcanic eruption. Top Right: Lente Blackie demonstrating her science experiment which illustrates static electricity. Bottom Left: Han Palowski and Aston Reid from the Grade 0 Cheetah class, experimenting with electricity in the Prep School science lab. Bottom Right: These little Glens, Riley Maritz, Kara Booysen and Gianna Glynos, are looking a bit anxious to start their volcano experiment in the Senior Science lab at Glenwood House.

academic achievers & 7up

Following the issuing of Cycle Two reports, we would like to congratulate the following learners on their achievements:

TOP 10


1-Erasmus Luann, 2-Furstenburg Jasmine, 3-Vegter Bianca, 4-Du Preez-Gratz Claire, 5-Smit Jamie, 6-Nel Zac, 7-Gouws Lomé, 8-Du Plooy Jessica, 9-de Wet Lani, 10-Gao Yi

Front (left to right): Luann Erasmus, Bianca Vegter, Claire du Preez-Gratz, Jessica du Plooy, Lani de Wet, Zac Nel. Back (left to right): Jasmine Furstenburg, Jamie Smit, Lomé Gouws, Yi Gao


1-Evans Jade, 2-Evans Amber, 3-Coertze Ann-Louise, 4-Bellew Samantha, 5-De Ridder Nické, 6-de Kock Leanka, 7-Lewis Carmi, 8-Bacon Vida, 9-Vakis Gabrielle, 10-Powell Abigail

Left to right: Jade Evans, Amber Evans, Ann-Louise Coertze, Samantha Bellew, Nické de Ridder, Leanka de Kock, Carmi Lewis, Vida Bacon, Gabrielle Vakis, Abigail Powell.


1-Booyens Nicole, 2-Lamprecht Ruan, 3-Du Toit Marli, 4-Young Gisèle, 5-Terblanche Emiel, 6-Campbell Clara, 7-Janse Van Rensburg AJ, 8-Swanevelder Dané, 9-Vonk Sean, 10-Parsons William

Left to right: Nicole Booyens, Ruan Lamprecht, Marli du Toit, Gisèle Young, Emiel Terblanche, Clara Campbell, AJ Janse Van Rensburg, Dané Swanevelder, Sean Vonk, William Parsons


1-van Helsdingen Nicole, 2-Carstens Keanan, 3-Doherty Gemma, 4-Young Geneen, 5-Prinsloo Lindy, 6-Stolk Sarah, 7-de Wet André, 8-Oosthuizen Marnus, 9-Durant Lara, 10-Edwards James

Left to right: Nicole van Helsdingen, Keanan Carstens, Gemma Doherty, Geneen Young, Lindy Prinsloo, Sarah Stolk, André de wet, Lara Durant, James Edwards. Absent: Marnus Oosthuizen



Yi Gao (up 7,76%), Ben Ryan (up 7,99%)


Charl Hofmeister (up 8,35%), Zosia Gaca (up 12,4%), Frederick van Rijckevorsel (up 7%), Ryan Vos (up 8,6%), Landin van Wyk (up 8,3%), Julius Aden (up 9,1%), Rogan Thorkildsen (up 9,8%), Kay-Leigh Grant (up 8,3%)


Clara Campbell (up 7%), Daniel vd Merwe (up 7%), David de Necker (up 7,9%), Sebastian Rein (up 7%), Eric Pike (up 7,9%)


Justin Scholtz (up 7,7%)

Front(left to right): David de Necker, Ben Ryan, Zosia Gaca, Frederick van Rijckevorsel, Ryan Vos, Aden Julius, Kay-Leigh Grant, Justin Scholtz. Back (left to right): Eric Pike, Daniel vd Merwe, Clara Campbell, Charl Hofmeister, Landin van Wyk, Rogan Thorkildsen. Absent: Sebastian Rein

shakespeare festival

Click here to view videos and photos.

For the second year in a row, Glenwood House Prep entered the George Shakespeare School's Festival hosted by the George Arts Theatre.

Our entry was the comedy, Twelfth Night, a twisted tale of separated twins trying to survive in a foreign land. The girl disguises herself as a boy in order to work for the ruling Duke who is in love with a Duchess. The Duchess falls in love with the "boy", "boy" falls in love with "his" master and so it goes on. Throw into the mix the yellow-legged, choleric Malvolio, two drunk knights and you have a recipe for much merriment.

The play was staged for one night only, and by all accounts and comments, much enjoyed by the audience. The music, the food of love, and the lovely costumes made it a feast for the senses. The cast was made up of grade six and seven students who rehearsed tirelessly for just over four months.

We look forward to our own school hall one day, where we can host a festival of this nature of our own.

Magic happens in the art classes with colour!

Children at Glenwood House have recently explored the magic that happens when fluorescent light hits neon colours. In the grade 2 and senior extra art classes, children explored fantasy flowers inspired by the movie Avatar. Grade 3s learned about our solar system and then continued creating themselves as astronauts.

Sometimes colour is a great tool to help one express oneself in art. Other times it just gives that WOW factor!


The Grade 3s of Glenwood House Prep worked extensively with the local ‘Delivery Man’ guide in English, Afrikaans and Mathematics. The best part was at the end of the theme when food, ordered by the learners, was delivered to the classroom one cold Friday morning. Besides carefully calculating what their meal would cost, learners were also asked to include a tip to their total. Some of this tip was used to purchase fruit and vegetables for a charity called KIDSTOP. Glenwood House Prep has been supporting KIDSTOP for many years by diligently donating fruit and veg each Tuesday morning. As one child wrote, “ I had a very warm feeling in my tummy after I ate my burger and a very warm feeling in my heart because I brought a big tip so my teacher could buy veggies for KIDSTOP.” The last Maths task was to record the data / orders onto a tally sheet and bar graph and to write suitable data questions and answers. What a delicious theme DELIVERY MAN was!

Top Left: Tristan Boshoff from Gr 3 W enjoying a delicious burger and chips delivered to his classroom. Top Right: “Delivery Man has arrived,” says Gr 3S and Mrs Derese Sullivan. Bottom Left: “ Oh YUM, Maths is FUN! “ says Azura Manitsas, Luca du Pisanie and Somila Malapi in Gr 3C. Bottom Right: Glenwood House Prep supports KIDSTOP each Tuesday morning by donating fruit and veg to less fortunate children.
Some of the colourful fruit and veg donated by Glenwood House Prep each Tuesday for KIDSTOP. Back Row: Zipporah Nota, Kegan van der Linde, Ryan Melville, Kasia Jamneck, Qhama Ntsengeni. Middle Row: Zintle Bangani, Samantha Skorpen, Zoe Reid, Mikah-Jane Pietersen, Danielle Potgieter, MiaBezuidenhout, Olivia Farrel. Front Row: Khanya Danster, Iya Kuze, Kelsey Pelham , Joshua Vermaak, Liam McDonald. Lying down: Imange Mayekiso

preparatory eisteddfod

Glenwood House has been extremely busy with Eisteddfod 2017. Children rehearsed and prepared music, dance, art and drama items for months.

The majority of our pupils achieved symbols above an ‘A’. Oyama Bhengu and Rebecca Oppelt were invited to this year's Eisteddfod Festival Concert, which was a great achievement.

Glenwood is very proud of these boys and girls.

'south cape stars'

Xander Douglas has been giving Glenwood House some comic relief since last year and is continuing his talent in stand-up comedy this year. He took part in the ‘South Cape Stars’ auditions and qualified for the final round held this month. We wish him the best for his performance- he makes Glenwood House proud.

cross country

Our annual cross country event was held at the Botanical Gardens in perfect conditions. The little ones were nearly beside themselves with excitement before their race. The beautiful surroundings and interesting route made the running a pleasure.

The junior runners more than ready for their race.
Ryan van Eeden had time to strike a pose during his run.
Samantha Hyde showed great form to win the U13 girls section.
Pulling faces at the camera was a delightful distraction during the run.
Montague was the winning house, here their proud captains James Hellling and Gemma Doherty.

Junior choir

Our Junior Choir sang on Thursday, 17 August at the Outeniqua Choir Festival. They received a gold for their performance.

Click to view entire video

art class resources

the changing colour of our ocean

Glenwood House Environment Society always thought that the colour of nature was green. Getting involved in several beach clean-ups taught us some lessons! The colour of nature is transforming as we discover kilogram upon kilogram of marine debris deposited on our beautiful local surf beach, Victoria Bay.

Hundreds of thousands of plastic articles have washed up and continue to be deposited on our pristine beach, during high tides and storm swells. Our Enviro Society set about trying to collect as much of this harmful pollution as possible during three focussed one-hour beach clean ups.

We learned that over 9 million tonnes of plastic enter the world’s oceans on a yearly basis (boomerangalliance.org.au). In addition, this plastic doesn’t decompose; it is broken down into increasingly smaller pieces by the action of the sun and sea. In time, these tiny micro-plastics enter marine food chains as they are accidentally consumed by birds, sea turtles, marine mammals and fish. Fishing line, nets, bags, drinking straws and other plastic items can entangle sea creatures or be inhaled into their respiratory systems. Over 100 million marine animals die each year due to marine debris, according to the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

On our beach clean-ups, we found thousands of pieces of plastic, much of it less than 5mm in diameter. Hundreds of plastic pellets about the size of lentils were sieved from the sand. These are called nurdles and countless billion are used each year to make virtually all of the worlds’ plastic products. They wash into the ocean from shipping accidents and are deposited along reefs and beaches. We found thousands of plastic sticks from cotton ear buds, hundreds of drinking straws, tens of plastic bottle tops, toys, cigarette lighters, cigarette butts, fishing line, lures, reels and packaging in a variety of colours.

As a species, our footprint on this planet is taking on a worrying rainbow hue. However, as a school society, we have decided to take action against marine plastic pollution by raising awareness on our Instagram and Facebook pages where we regularly display images of what we collect. We have committed to improving our school-wide recycling system and completely banned all plastic drinking straws from our tuck shop. We are spreading the message about reducing single use plastics and trying to live ‘greener’ waste-free lives. You can join us.

This is a tiny sample of the multi- coloured plastic debris collected from Victoria Bay by the Environment Society

What you can do:

1. Never leave rubbish at the beach

2. Use a reusable cloth shopping bag instead of buying plastic packets at the shop

3. Sip with your lips – avoid single use plastic beverage straws in restaurants

4. Avoid plastic water bottles – rather buy one durable reusable BPA free bottle and insist on a school water font to refill it.

5. Refuse to buy cosmetics which contain plastic microbeads (look for polyethylene in the list of ingredients)

6. Recycle your plastic

7. Join a beach clean-up for International Coastal Clean-up Day on the 16th of September (postponed due to the rain)

8. Investigate the following hashtags #take3forthesea #twohandsproject #banthebag #oceanguardian #thelaststraw #banthebead

Glenwood House Environment Society members: Back (L to R): Johann Wahl, Tosca Musiker, Kahleah du Toit, Jennifer Teifel, Matthew Duminy, Elisa Giangreco, Middle (L to R): Danielle Marx, Shani Julius Front: Robin Mahne
Top Left: We collected Coca-cola bottle caps and donated them to Interwaste. This recycling company will donate a wheelchair to a charity of our choice for 150kg of bottle caps. Bottom Left: Lollipop sticks and cotton ear bud sticks are very common. Bottom Middle: Toothbrushes, straws, toys and other items were found. Right: Victoria Bay beach after a storm swell in August. Many kilograms of marine plastic were washed up.

college EISTEDDFOD results

Grade 8: Abigail Minnies - Dramatized poetry A+; Cyan Scholtz - Dramatized poetry A++, Dramatized prose A+, Monologue A+; Erica Vegter - Dramatized prose A+; Georgia Erler - Dramatized prose A+, Monologue A+; Inilé du Toit - Monologue A; Leigh Paton - Dramatized poetry A+, Monologue A; Sahar Mall - Monologue A+; Thapelo Tlali - Monologue A++

Grade 9: Anke Young - Gedramatiseerde poësie A+, Monologue A+; Joseph Barrett - Dramatized poetry A+, Monologue A+; Jordan Ward - Dramatized poetry A++, Dramatized prose A+; Mia du Raan - Monologue A

Grade 11: Derick Hill - Undramatized poetry A+, Dramatized poetry A++, Monologue A+; Nhlanhla Zuma - Dramatized poetry A+, Monologue A+

Grade 12: Daniel Lochner - Undramatized poetry A++, Dramatized poetry A++; Kiandra Pillay - Monologue A+; Jayden Maree - Gedramatiseerde poësie A++, Gedramatiseerde prosa A++, Monologue A+

Daniel Lochner (Grade 12) received the honour of performing at the George Eisteddfod Prize-giving concert on 31 August.

Cyan Scholtz (Grade 8) participated at the Talent Africa competition and was given the opportunity to represent South Africa in America, but circumstances did not allow her to go.

Jayden Maree (Grade 12) participated in the South-African Competition of Performing Arts where he was selected to represent South Africa in America. Circumstances did not allow him to go.

Georgia Erler (Grade 8) took part in the South Cape Stars drama competition and was invited to the finals in September.

The classes started with group work for the End of the Year Performance which will take place at 14:00 on the 5th of November, at the Oakhurst George Arts Theatre.

grade 11 consumers class treats phambili

The Grade 11 Consumers class made biscuits for the ladies at Phambili.

After the visit from Phambili earlier in the year, the Grade 11 Consumer Studies class decided to spend a practical session on making biscuits specially for them.

We asked the Leos to make the containers in which we packed the biscuits.

Seated from left to right: Natasha Barends, Nathan Hulme, Caera Grindlay and Kade Luckhoff. Madison Solomon was absent for the photograph.

Donations to Paediatric/Neonatal unit at George Hospital

Dear Glenwood House pupils/staff and parents

Thank you so much for all the donations that we have received over the last 2 years.

The drive of donations was started by Hendra Van Helsdingen, when Nicole was diagnosed with a serious cardiac problem. Nicole needed to travel to Red Cross Children's Hospital and Hendra experienced first hand the impact of bad news, followed by rushed packing and spending a couple of extremely stressful days in Red Cross. It was her sitting there, observing and realizing the incredible need of the mothers who travel with very sick babies and children at very short, sometimes no notice, to CPT. She came back with a vision to pack emergency supply packs for the mothers. Hosp-I-Care was born.

I cannot express enough thanks for all the donations that we have received from so many of you. The beautifully packed bags, boxes from Leo Club, the washed and sorted clothes, the towels, all too much to write in this short note. Please except our gratitude and the love with which this project was planned and implemented. Thank you for blessing so many mothers and babies through this project.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed!

Warm regards,

Ilse Els-Goussard, Neonatal unit, George Hospital

college house


Gerrit le Roux was selected to the SWD and EDEN Chess Teams. He represented EDEN at the Western Cape Trials in Cape Town.
Emma Pretorius achieved an overall 4th place in the Western Cape Eventing Championships during the year. In addition, she came second overall in SA representing Eastern Cape (graded). Along with many other Glenwood students, she participated in regional finals and placed 2nd highest ranking scores. What makes this achievement extraordinary is that Emma participated with only one horse whilst other participants registered two horses and benefited from the points for both horses. Emma made the Western Cape team for nationals, which will be in October.
Madison Solomon achieved a 5th overall position in the Western Cape Athletics Tournament and did extremely well in athletics this year. She has also represented the school in the 1st Hockey Girls this year and is an avid sportswoman.
Rain du Toit went through to the final round of the Bekgeveg, an Afrikaans public speaking event. She is also a very good vocalist and we are trying to convince her to sing for the House before the end of the year.
Berenice Chabanel was included in the Western Province Life-saving Team. They participated at the SA’s and achieved 1 gold and 2 bronze medals. She is an accomplished sportswoman – playing 1st team girls water polo and under 14A hockey.

We are proud of our brothers and sisters - our warmest congratulations to them and their families.

College House Academic Top 20 Achievers per Grade

Congratulations to the following boarders, who were ranked among the top 20 positions per grade, according to their average result for Academic Cycles 1 and 2:

Grade 8 Cycle 1: (4) Leigh Paton; (14) Gerrit le Roux; (20) Sasha Coetzer

Grade 8 Cycle 2: (8) Leigh Paton; (13) Gerrit le Roux

Grade 9 Cycle 1: (4) Scott Smuts-Muller; (7) Dale Paton; (17) Emma Pretorius; (19) Mieke van Eeden

Grade 9 Cycle 2: (4) Scott Smuts-Muller; (10) Dale Paton

Grade 10 Cycle 1: (18) Maria Kritzas

Grade 10 Cycle 2: (18) Maria Kritzas

Grade 11 Cycle 1: (3) Áedán Cumming; (15) Madison Solomon; (17) Keya van As

Grade 11 Cycle 2: (2) Áedán Cumming; (8) Madison Solomon; (17) Keya van As

College House New Leaders for 2018

Áedán Cumming (photo left) made history by becoming the second boarder to be the Head Boy of the school. Rudi Reitz was the previous boarder who was selected to this position. We are proud of you, Áedán! Keep our name high and all the best for this year. This is an extraordinary accomplishment and expectations of individuals in these positions are always high. We have no doubt that you will be successful.

Bugan Esau (photo right) was also selected to the Glenwood House College Prefect Body. He is now the Head of Boarding and the new Head of College House.

We will be experimenting with a new representative council during the next two years. The number of boarders are relatively small in Grades 10 and 11, and the idea is to involve as many of these seniors in the running of the boarding house. This will become a voluntary service and those who choose to volunteer, will receive their leadership badge after a probation period of 3 months. If an individual seems serious to add value to the hostel and serve their fellow boarders, their appointment will be confirmed.

We will follow this pathway until the numbers in the grades become large enough to warrant a voting and selection process for leaders in the House. The rationale is to increase the effort that is invested in these early years of the House so as to develop traditions and lay a firm foundation of discipline and respect.

The Owls at College House

Two owls made the school campus their home and soon had two baby owlets. If you pay attention, on some nights, you will hear the owls calling one another on the school campus during the night.

A while ago the two smaller owlets were abducted by a security guard who wanted to use the owlets for muti for his two dogs, but they were rescued in time and brought back to school, and reunited with their parents. When this event occurred, the previous hostel mother, Marina Oosthuizen, was inspired to write a poem, which we share with you gladly, with her permission.

Late at night you could hear a distant call, unmistakably the greeting of the wisest of all. In the shadow of the trees she was watching every movement, Because she had a treasure she was hiding and protecting very closely.

For two little owlets was hiding on the roof, two soft squeaking voices were ready to tell the world. All about how they were watching the children at the school, right here at Glenwood House, and they decided to call it home.

For weeks the two little brothers, known lovingly as Jekyll and Hyde, kept us entertained with conversation very late at night. But as the chatter continued we already knew, that someday very soon they would have to go.

And so they started showing themselves, Jekyll off course much more often than Hyde. We watched them grow like proud parents should, hoping that they will stay with us if they ever could.

But indeed time does not slow down for anyone, and the two little owlets weren’t so little anymore. They flapped their wings and gave a wave, for they were ready to be oh so very brave.

They had heart and they had soul, but the two little owlets were not yet ready to go. Although they tried and the flapped their very new wings, they ended up on the pavement and it was a terrible thing.

So we still believe in miracles some days, and the owlets was brought back to Glenwood House today. They sat and they waited in their warm little place, calling for their mother to please follow their trace.

How amazingly lucky we have been, to be able to witness this wonderful reunion. This is the story of the two little owlets Jekyll and Hyde, and their mother who knew that they would survive.


somerset house tour

Our teams travelled to Somerset House to play hockey, rugby and netball matches. The matches were played in excellent spirit and were fiercely contested. Many games went down to the wire and was only won or lost in the dying moments of the match. A special mention must be made of the U13 rugby team: they were held by their opponents for most of the match, but then our brilliant team play allowed our boys to extend our lead beyond their reach. The full results for all the matches were:

Hockey: U11 Boys lost 1 - 2, U11 A Girls lost 1 - 6

U11 B Girls won 6 - 0, U13 Boys lost 1 - 3,

U13 Girls tied 1 - 1

Netball: U11 lost 2 - 16, U12 won 9 - 8, U13 lost 8 - 14

Rugby: U11 won 7 - 0, U13 won 41 - 16

Top Left: The U11 boys hockey match was very closely contested. Top Middle: The U12 netball team went toe- to –toe with their opponnents troughout and were extatic to win 9-8. Top Right: The U13 netball players enjoyed playing their match inside the Somerset House indoor facility. Bottom Left: Troy Schofield wins the ball from the line-out of the U11 rugby match. Bottom Middle: The U13 rugby boys impressed by scoring a great try with this set piece move. Bottom Right: The great spirit and sportsmanship amongst the teams was a beautiful experience during this tour.

junior africa golf challenge

Jasmine Furstenburg participated in the Junior Africa Challenge hosted by the San Lameer golf estate. She played excellent golf to win the U10 division. Here Jasmine proudly displays her fabulous trophy.


The annual National High Schools Golf Final was held in Rustenburg, 3-4 August 2017. Glenwood House, who was the winner from the Eden district, participated in the event. Bradley de Beer, Alex van Wyk, JP van der Watt and James Murray represented Glenwood House and did themselves and the school proud. In a closely contested final round, Glenwood House won the silver medal. Twenty schools from around the country took part in the event. We want to sincerely thank L & L Property Development for their gracious sponsorship for the tournament.

eden xperience hockey

During the Eden Xperience our junior hockey teams played in matches against a host of local visiting schools. Our young hockey players did exceedingly well, with some age groups winning all their matches for the day.

A special mention has to be made of the U10 girls’ team. They played excellent team hockey this season and remained unbeaten throughout. Well done girls, you are true champions!

The U10 girls team, undefeated for the entire season! Front: Grace Kleu, coach Giovani Forno, Lomé Gouws and keeper Taryn Offen. Back: Olivia Goussard, Sarah de Wit, Amber de Jager, Nelri Wessels and Holly Erler.

The full results for all our teams were:

U11 A Boys: vs Sedgefield won 11 - 1, vs Milkwood won 2 - 1, vs Knysna won 4 - 0

U11 B Boys: vs Denneoord drew 0 - 0, vs Milkwood won 4 - 1, vs Park won 3 - 1

U11 A Girls: vs Sedgefield lost 0 - 1, vs Park won 6 - 0, vs Knysna won 5 - 1, vs Plett won 6 - 1

U11 B Girls: vs Knysna won 4 - 0, vs Milkwood won 1 - 0

U10 Boys: vs Sedgefield won 3 - 0, vs Milkwood won 4 - 0, vs Park won 4 - 1

U10 Girls: vs Sedgefield won 3 - 1, vs Plett drew 1 - 1, vs Milkwood won 3 - 0

U9 Boys: vs G Prep drew 2 - 2, vs Milkwood won 3 - 0, vs Sedgefield won 4 - 2, vs Denneoord won 9 - 2

U9 Girls: vs G Prep won 2 - 1, vs Milkwood lost 2 - 4, vs Sedgefield lost 1 - 3

U8 A Boys: vs Denneoord drew 2 - 2, vs Milkwood lost 0 - 3, vs Park drew 0 - 0

U8 B Boys: vs Denneoord lost 0 - 2 , vs Milkwood lost 0 - 2

U8 Girls: vs Denneoord won 2 - 1, vs Knysna drew 1 - 1

Preparatory Hockey in Plettenberg bay

Our junior hockey teams travelled to Plett for this very popular festival. The cold weather let up for a while to allow our players to enjoy themselves as their hockey skills were tested by the strong opposition.

Although our u8 girls could not win any of their matches, they still had enough energy after their match to crack a smile:

These tired smiles belong to Jessica Whitehead, Rachelle Botha, Nasia Athanasiou and at the back, Skylar Sauer, Mia Booysen and Tamzin James.

The U12 A boys team played together beautifully. They dominated every match they played in and scored an impressive 10 goals for this team. Here the boys proudly display their goal tally. A special mention must be made of David de Necker, who scored 4 goals for the day, a hat- trick in one match! This was to make his special birthday even more special!

The boys are in front: David de Necker, Keaton Kaiser and Reegan Bakker. At the back: Ruan Lamprecht, William Parsons, Hugo Koen, Cuan Leach and keeper Eric Pike.


Our U13 hockey teams played in the Outeniqua hockey tournament. This last playing opportunity for our senior teams proved to be a thorough test of their skills and abilities, as there were no easy matches. Our boys and girls performed exceedingly well as can be seen from their results:

U13 A Boys: vs Sedgefield won 3 - 0, vs Milkwood lost 1 - 2, vs Outeniqua drew 0 - 0, vs FD Conradie won 1 - 0, vs Hartenbos drew 0 - 0

U13 A Girls: vs Hartenbos drew 0 - 0, vs Sedgefield won 1 - 0, vs Outeniqua drew 2 - 2, vs FD Conradie won 2 - 0, vs Milkwood won 2 - 0

Top Left: Natalie Lombard tenaciously hunts for the ball. Top Right: Alicia de Clerq showing great form to win the ball. Middle Left: Sarah Stolk clears the ball in defence. Middle: This cheeky move by David de Necker got him the ball. Middle Right: A brilliant example of the dedication that Aidan van Eeden brings to the match. Bottom Left: Christiaan Bachle shows his defensive skills by beating two opponents. Bottom Right: Kyle Gauché making another secure attack.


With immense pleasure we announce that the following students from your school have successfully qualified for the SANESA Western Cape Provincial Team of 2017:

High School: June De Wit, Gizela Marie Spies, Emma Pretorius

Primary School: Frederick Van Rijckevorsel, Vida Bacon, Thomas Van Rijckevorsel

All riders need to compete at the National competition that will be held from 4th to 8th October 2017, at Kyalami Equestrian Park, Kyalami, Johannesburg, to be awarded their SANESA WESTERN CAPE colours.

Please join us in wishing them jubilant success at the National Championships and beyond!

xtreme waterpolo tournament

Eden Xperience, organized by Glenwood House School, was held on 1 and 2 September: two days of sports, great food and drinks with a good vibe to boot.

This year we had an additional Xtreme Waterpolo Tournament which started off on the Friday morning. Fish Hoek vs York boys and Bloemhof vs Pearson girls started the day with the first official match in Glenwood’s heated pool. Luckily for the supporters, not only the pool was heated! The weather could not be better that day for all the activities held at the Glenwood grounds. In the evening, as the water polo tournament was ending, the runners started coming in to participate in the 3 km fun run followed by the 10 km night run at 18:00. Some of them were unrecognisable in their great costumes, others recognized by their good performance.

The following day started off again with the water polo tournament, this time for the play-offs. Overall our boys and girls achieved excellent results, as they came in 2nd and 3th respectively. Congratulations to Pearson who took the honours in both the boys’ and girls’ competition in the tournament. The third place was taken by Oakhill (boys) and Bloemhof ended second for the girls. The 9k and 18k trail run took place outside the pool area at the same time in the early morning.

On the Saturday, an inter-schools Hockey festival was hosted. With almost 500 children participating, we can say that it was even better than we were expecting.

It was indeed a great weekend with some great achievements. Thank you to everybody who participated during these two days and a special thanks to the sponsors and the excellent organization by the PA who made this possible. Next year we hope to see you all again at this fantastic event

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library golden ticket

Liyabona Klaas was one of the lucky recipients of a GOLDEN TICKET and a chocolate bar when she visited the Glenwood House Library one afternoon. What a lucky find!
“ Where is Wally?“ asks Benjamin Frost.
“Have you RED a good book?“ Visit the Glenwood Library.
There is a surprise in store next term for visitors to the Glenwood House Prep Library. Watch this space!


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