Good Life Nature Activity By:alex Cohn

Nature on Display: Walking through the hall of the Museum I was attracted to this exhibit when I saw a hut in the middle of the hall. I walked inside to a very dim light and ambient noises. I was able to view what African culture was like and view tribal people with minimal items in their life. When I walked in I saw a group of people just staring and listening to the noises in the hut, so I tried to do the same. I was engulfed into the scenario in the hut, where a tribesmen was paying respect to the leader on the tribe. I enjoyed the life size replica of the hut and the immersive experience. I was able to see up-close what the culture looked like, something I can't fully do just by looking at pictures.

Nature and Ethics: I was able to experience nature through the butterfly exhibit. I was able to experience actual wild life in their natural habitat. Through out the museum there were multiple exhibits that presented knowledge on wildlife, such as the frog exhibit where I was able to learn and view the frogs. I was able to watch up close these animals in their home interacting with plants and each other, with minimal interruption from humans. I was really relaxed walking through the exhibits getting to view the animals doing their daily tasks. At the end of the day it made feel like its our duty to preserve these animals and their home.

Nature and the Human Spirit: The Natural History Museum helps up step out of normal life by letting us view and experience nature. As well as learn about culture and a variety of animals. The museum allowed me to see the world before my time and how people lived when there was very limited technology. I was also able to learn about animals and how they survive and thrive in the wilderness.

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