Sustainable Designs By: Tabitha Gato


A skylight lets in natural light so that lights do not needed to be turned on and waste electricity. It saves money and electricity. A skylight also lessens dependency on artificial light.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are the most clean and green energy. There is no-ongoing cost for the energy they generates. Monthly savings will increase as well. By using solar panels, consumption and combustion of coal and oil will greatly decrease; this will lower the greenhouse gas levels in the environment.

Light-colored roof

Light-colored roofs reflects solar heat and absorbs less of it. These roofs decrease the usage of air conditioners, which reduces energy bills. Less usage of electricity will reduce peak electricity demand.

Energy Star Appliances

Energy star appliances are extremely efficient because less energy is being used while the appliance produces the same output or work. Using energy star appliance will reduce electricity bills. Less water is used in an energy star washer.

Recycled Wood House

Excess leftover wood can be used as materials for construction. It is very eco friendly. Rather than burning the wood for use of energy, the wood is used for construction and greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere decreases.

Green Roof

Green roofs are great for the environment. The plants improve the air quality. The plants on the roof also create insulation, which means that less power will be used to heat or cool the building. The green roofs also capture storm water; storm water will be stored and some will be released slowly into the sewage system.

Insulated Buildings

Insulated buildings reduce the cost of electricity and reduce the use of energy because the heat remains inside the building. Less cooling and heating will be needed.

LED Bulb

They are extremely energy efficient because it consumes up to 90% less power than incandescent light bulbs. LED lightbulbs have a long lifespan so replacement costs and electricity bills would decrease.

Passive Solar Design

Large overhangs prevent the sun from hitting walls and getting into windows. These decrease the cost of electricity bills because cooling systems won't be needed so much.

Recycled Shipping Container

Buildings made from recycled shipping containers are very Eco friendly. Traditional building materials are being conserved. Since the shipping containers are made out of metal, they conduct heat easily; energy usage will decrease greatly.


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