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I grew up in Potomac, Maryland -- we say near DC because those in the DC area are familiar with the Potomac River, and people then believe we live in the river.

"Building Cushion Structures Is My Forte"

My family situation probably is not that interesting, being a small, four-person family consisting of a father, a mother, and two sons. In this situation, I am one of the sons. Perhaps it is interesting that my family does not have any daughters. Neither does the family of my uncle, who is my father's brother. His family only has two sons, as well. Perhaps that is remarkable. Perhaps it is not. Perhaps it is further remarkable that my father and his brother are two sons of their parents, making me one of two sons of my father, who is one of two sons of his father, which is a trait shared with my brother and our two male cousins. Perhaps not that interesting, after all.

My education background starts off very normal, having gone through Kindergarten through Twelfth grade in public school. After that point, it does not deviate too far from normal, as I had attended undergraduate at a state school. Perhaps it is not normal that I studied computer science, but perhaps it is normal. After that point, I worked in a high school teaching computer science. Further after that point, I decided to pursue a Master's of Science degree in Education. Sometime before that point, I had decided that I really enjoyed teaching, and wanted to learn more.

In 5 - 10 years I hope to be alive. Professionally, of course. I hope my career teaching computer science is alive, as well. In another sense, in 5 - 10 years, I hope to be alive spiritually, as well. I hope to continue to enjoy my job teaching. While it may seem that progressing one's career in education would lead them towards administration, I do not think I would pursue that. It might cause me to no longer be alive, spiritually. Professionally, of course, I would have a job.

I am bugged by bugs, both physical and programming. Physical bugs don't understand personal space, and often attempt to enter mine. Programming bugs also don't understand personal space, but that is because they aren't alive, and don't understand much of anything.

I think it's important in my life to relax. Seeing as bugs cause me to no longer relax, you might see why I don't like bugs. Both kinds of bugs. Having humor is also important. If you can't laugh at things, it's hard to find joy in life. If you can't make others laugh at things, you can still participate in life's joy as well, so it's not a huge problem.

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