june 2018

Volume 3, Number 6

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality—Scott Lorenzo


Jeffry Booher

fairly certain

The Photo Show at the San Diego County Fair opened with great fanfare but the report from veteran and seasoned judges is that the quality of the collective body of work in the exhibit is way down compared to previous years.

While the judges have regularly complained about the quality of the work, especially from the veteran judges, I find that there is a single data point that supports their assertion: the judges accepted about 100 more entries into tier 1 than there were in previous years, 200 fewer entries made it from tier 1 to tier 2 and from that about 200 fewer entries made it into the exhibit than there were in previous years. Typically about 1600 images hang in the exhibit. Of the nearly 2000 images that make it from tier 1 to tier 2, that means that, typically 400 are rejected because the judges found flaws with the print.

Sometimes prints are rejected in tier 2 due to space. They exhibit just does not have enough space for all of the images to hang so judges are given quotas to cut a certain number of images at tier 2 in some cases. This year, however, there were about 1400 images that hung in the exhibit (200 fewer than the previous year) and the judges were not only refusing prints based on quotas but they were refusing an overwhelming number of the prints based on quality.

One maker was singled out just for the mounting. The judges disqualified at least one of their images because of the mounting technique used. I'm not sure of the details but, If you see images hanging at the fair which need help, and you know the makers, get them to join Darkroomers. We hold a matting and mounting workshop every February which they would greatly benefit from and our monthly exhibitions are a great way to get feedback on their mounting.

Here are my impressions of the Photo Show at the San Diego County Fair:

  • Awards and accepts from the Usual Suspects (Ev Yorobe and Bodhi Smith) was way down. Yes they still won awards but they usually have the maximum allowed and the maximum allowed hang but, this year, they had only a few hanging in the exhibit.
  • There were virtually no aurora borealis photos this year which leads me to wonder, are the judges getting sick of seeing the aurora?
  • Ironically, the night photography division had the worst lighting which led me to think, did they do this intentionally?

An important take away is that the judges awarded the members and former members of Darkroomers, Fallbrook, Poly Photo and Photonats more so than those who have never been a member which is reason by itself to join Darkroomers.

● ● ●

Congratulations Angie Crompton, Jeff Booher, Osia Strasner, Jim Pyle and Richard Van Gils for winning big awards at the show this year! Several members also received Honorable Mentions, too many to list, and I am honored to walk amongst you all! We all say it but it's true—I feel honored just to have images hanging in the exhibit...

● ● ●

Our Parent organization, the Southern California Association of Camera Clubs, will be honoring all who won an award at the fair this year by showing their images in the Foyer and Reception Galleries during the month of August. Ribbon winners will have first dibs on gallery space and Honorable Mentions will hang if there is space.

Please bring, or arrange to have someone bring, your winning images to the July critique meeting so that your image can be submitted and entered in the exhibit. There may not be space to hang your images if you do not get them in on time so do not let this opportunity to have your images hang in a second exhibit this year pass you by.

You may bring your ribbons to hang with your images but SCACC is asking that you bring and attach the Title Card that hung with your image at the fair—you know, the one next to the image with your name, title, description, and price... Title Cards will hang next to your images.

● ● ●

program news

The Budding Flower by David Poplawski

Our June Weekend Workshop is a Macro and Lighting workshop. This is a fun-filled free-for-all with cameras, macro lenses, lights, and reflective surfaces. Kim is once again bringing flowers and we will have miniatures as well so there will be lots to photograph. There is no signup required but we will be starting promptly at 9am so you will want to get there early to get a good spot. This is an annual workshop that draws a big crowd so you will want to come early to stake your claim!

● ● ●

We will be dark for the July 4th meeting so you can enjoy the freedom you deserve. That means there will not be a presentation program in July. We are working to bring you a Darkroomers On Location event sometime in late July so watch for details in the July newsletter.

● ● ●

masked bandit

Every August we have a Weekend Workshop dedicated to Masking techniques in Photoshop and this year resident Masking Expert, Larry Vogel, is bringing us workshop filled with a host of new tools for masking in Photoshop. This is a limited enrollment workshop that takes place on Saturday August 11th at 9am so you must sign up in order to attend. Sign up early if you want to attend.

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quarterly update

Out of Place by Jeff Booher

The quarter has finally come to an end so that means everyone will be jockeying for position in the points standings for the Harris Wallace and Pitt Warner perpetual trophies. The competition starts promptly at 7PM on June 6th so please arrive early to enter your photos into the competition. We open the building at 6:30P so you will have plenty of time to get your photos entered for the competition.

So far this year, it's Janie and Rick Phillips, in the monochrome division, fighting for high points and Osia and Joyce working on high points in the color division. It is early in the competition year so it's anyone's game and this quarter's theme will surely make for some fun photos. Literally anyone can take the points this quarter and pull ahead for the lead.

club news

The focus of the last Darkroomers board meeting was a call for a reimplementation of the annual election of officers. The board feels that, in its current format, members feel intimidated or embarrassed to jump in and Run for Office. They don't feel like it is their place to challenge a sitting officer and we end up with officers who have to run the club longer than they want to.

The current implementation for elections may have worked back in the early days but, as of late, it has taken on the mantra of letting the current set of officers run the club and replace them as they resign or leave the club. This method of replacing officers creates a problem for us as it doesn't foster new, innovative leadership; it intercedes continuity of government and inhibits monarchial or complacent oversight.

Other clubs, such as Poly Photo, employ a Nominating Committee for fostering new leadership. They also bake in Term Limits. Both policies have been agreed upon by the current board for ratification.

In addition to election changes, the board is also recommending a change to the makeup of the Board of Directors. We currently hold board meetings at the behest of the Presiding officer and there are Nine seats on the Board of Directors. The board is recommending this be whittled down to just Five board seats (the four officers + the past previous President). Another implementation taken from Poly Photo.

The full complement of changes will be voted on at the June 18th meeting

● ● ●

out of time

Surfing in Time by Michael Fairbanks

Some of you may be aware that Michael Fairbanks has moved on... While he has issued a formal resignation as Gallery Director, a job which requires him to physically be in San Diego, he will stay on as Interclub Competition Director, serving the club remotely.

Michael was a great stalwart of the club who wore many hats. He was a key contributor to many facets of the club's modernization and his contributions, and mentorship were immeasurable. He was responsible for manufacturing the PEGS we use to hang our photos and, for many years, served as Darkroomers gallery director.

We will deeply miss you, Michael, but your legacy will live long and be celebrated by the club. We thank you for your service and wish you well in your new adventure!

● ● ●


Darkroomers had a strong showing at interclub for the month of April, coming in 1st place points-wise, but Poly ran away with the show in May to end up with a 15 point lead over Darkroomers for the year.

● ● ●

The next Interclub competition is July 17 so please send your images to submissions@darkroomers.com. Images submitted for competition must have been accepted into a monthly exhibition but we are taking anything that has been accepted since you became a club member.

● ● ●


Roz Oserin

Roz began studying oil painting in 2007. Two years later she added watercolor to her studies, taking several workshops given by local artists.

Roz and her husband, Dan, recently opened Nainsook Framing + Art in the Village of La Mesa, where she teaches introductory fine art classes, hosts Wine & Paint events, and teaches various other arts and crafts.

She is a member of the San Diego Watercolor Society, Foothills Art Association, and the East County Art Association. Every other month she features local artists whose work she admires to hang in her gallery. Presently, she is showing the photography of resident Darkroomer, Angie Crompton.

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