Ellis Island

This is the bathroom the immigrants and wards used
This is the line of all the immigrants that were waiting to get processed
A small list of ancestors that were present at Ellis Island
The immigrants are being processed
Right here they checked the people coming in and separated them by putting a mark on the ill people and placing them in a different section
Where everybody ate
This was called the interaction area, where everyone just talked
This is called the Wall of Honor
A family going to Ellis Island
A packed boat with immigrants going to the city
This is what Ellis Island looks like now
The boat going to Ellis Island back then
An exhibit inside the Ellis Island museum now
Types of Luggage's the people came with
Immigrants boarding the ship
A layout of the different sections of Ellis Island
This is a sign for the immigrants for when they get off the ship for things to look out for
The construction of Ellis Island
Immigrants boarding the ship
The layout of Ellis Island
A family gathered in front of the Ellis Island building
This is where the sick people stayed at
The Entrance to the Ellis Island Museum
Some people came as families and some came alone
The people are waiting for the boat to go into town
The people got this card after they were inspected
A fact based outline of Ellis Island
Because it was hard to get into America some people fought for a spot
Ellis Island Museum
This is what Ellis Island looks like now
These are the beds that the people slept in
Everyone is going for inspection to be able to go into the city
This is another type of bed the people slept in
Parents would send their children
Ellis Island was always packed, these beds weren't comfortable at all
The line of people to get on the boat
Someone getting inspected before entering
It seems as the sick people had better beds than the non sick
This was like a post card then of what it looked like
The people are on the boat going into the City
This is called the flag of faces in the Ellis Island Museum
More ill people
People in the Ellis Island Museum Now
There things were unsanitary, these are the sinks they had to use
People visiting the Wall of Honor with names of all the people that were at Ellis Island
The Entrance of Ellis Island Museum
Ellis Island from a better view
This is the Great Wall in Ellis Island museum now
This was called the Great Wall then

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