Disability Rights By: Charles edward vratimos

People with disabilities deserve equal rights and opportunities. People with disabilities are at a large disadvantage in the modern world. They are not capable of doing everyday tasks, and they are mistreated. These people are made fun of and mocked because of their disabilities. It may seem like these people cannot be successful, but when they are given equal opportunities, they can prove to be just as successful as everybody else. From 2009-2015, only 30% of disabled people were employed. Around 70% of disabled people in the US are unemployed and cannot provide for themselves. (US Bureau of Labor Statistics) Therefore, people with disabilities deserve equal rights and opportunities.
People with disabilities in the US are treated similarly to how African Americans were treated during the Civil Rights Movement. Disabled people are not given equal opportunities, similarly to how blacks were not given equal opportunities. Before the Civil Rights Movement, blacks were not given equal education. They had to walk far to get to a school that did not provide sufficient materials and curriculum. These children grew up to be uneducated, and could not get a decent paying job for themselves. Disabled people are treated very similarly. 90% of children with disabilities do not attend school, because they cannot perform the basic tasks needed to excel in their classes. (20 Amazing Disability Discrimination Statistics) Clearly, people with disabilities are not given the opportunity to have quality education, unlike students without disabilities who have access to good education. Blacks in the 60’s were treated similarly to how disabled people are currently treated, because they do not have access to good education. Another reason why disabled people are treated similarly to how blacks were treated during the Civil Rights Movement, is because they are attacked because of their physical abnormalities. During the Civil Rights Movement, African Americans were attacked and beaten because of their race. A black teen named Emmett Till whistled at a white woman, and was then beaten and killed by white southerners. He made a small mistake that was against the southerners beliefs, and he was killed for it. This is similar to how a mentally disabled teenager was abducted and tortured by black teens. They attacked him because he was white, and was therefore these black students’ “enemy”. They cut his hair, burned him with cigarettes, and suggested killing him. He was eventually freed, and the students were arrested. (Anti-White Hate Crime? reason.com) Clearly, disabled students are still physically abused by the public because of their differences. They are treated just how blacks were treated when they stood up for their rights in the 1960’s. Therefore, people with disabilities are treated how blacks were treated during the Civil Rights Movement.

Although, disabled people may have been treated similarly to how blacks were treated during the Civil Rights Movement, they are given more rights than blacks were. Blacks had very few rights during the Civil Rights Movement, which caused them to be mistreated by the public. They were harassed, and mocked for their race, but had very few rights to protect themselves. Many African Americans had jobs with very low wages, because their employers would not hire them for their race. Unlike the few rights that African Americans had before the Civil Rights Movement, disabled people have a lot more rights protecting themselves from discrimination. Disabled people have multiple laws guaranteeing them safety in the workplace. They also must be compensated fairly by their employer, and cannot be paid less because of their disability. Also, disabled people cannot be turned down a job opportunity because of their disability (EEOC.gov). African Americans were brutally beaten, and attacked by the public because of their race. The Ku Klux Klan killed blacks very often, and hid their bodies in lakes. Blacks were not well protected from the Ku Klux Klan by the law. Now, disabled people have many more rights to protect them from physical harassment. It is illegal to attack a disabled person, and you can be faced with criminal charges for it. Clearly, disabled people are given many more rights than blacks were before the Civil Rights Movement. Disabled people are treated with much more respect and equality than blacks were in the 1960’s. Therefore, disabled people are treated differently than African Americans before the Civil Rights Movement, because they were given many more rights.

You can help give disabled people more rights by funding the cause and treating them respectfully. A convention is close to being held for disabled people’s rights. If the law goes through, representatives from multiple US states will meet together annually and come up with ways to protect people with disabilities. They will brainstorm laws that will help protect their rights, and they will send them to the government to ratify. You can help fund their idea to hold a convention by going to ratifynow.org. Also, if you see a disabled person, be kind to them. They undergo a lot of verbal abuse daily, and have many difficulties in their life. Being kind to them instead of being rude, would make them happier, and more comfortable with their disability.

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