A Day In The Life Of Jalen Young Melanie Saavedra, Noble Street College Prep

At around 7:30 am, Junior Jalen Young is eating breakfast at Wright Food Court. This was needed in order to get through the day with enough energy.
In the preparation of shooting a video, Lawson McAteer is helping Jalen Young adjust the tripod for the video camera. They were told to balance it on the floor accordingly.
Speed walking, Jalen Young tries to catch up to her group. Previously, she was filming the nature in the water. "Guys, wait up!," Jalen Young shouted to her assigned group.
Looking at her surroundings, Jalen Young is walking to her next destination. As part of her Television News assignment, she was required to film in multiple locations.
As Jalen Young looks through the video camera, she is recording the outside of an auditorium. This was needed as part of her film project to be edited and completed the next day.
At the Neal- Marshall Black Culture Library, Jalen Young is interviewing a woman about the diversity that takes place in the school. Her teacher instructed her to interview different people about her desired subject.
After a long day of walking, Jalen Young is taking a short break on the sidewalk. She had been walking to different places for over 5 hours. "I am so tired," Jalen Young says.

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