The issues of bullying LGBT student is a serious problem in today's society. The actions of these bullies may cause a lifetime of trauma and fear, which may lead to death and suicidal thoughts. There is overwhelming evidence that state facts that LGBT student doesn't get much support from school because there's not many programs at school that support LGBT students

This picture is an example of people coming together to show pride.


The reason why I choose the topic on LGBT bullying for my senior project is that the issues of bullying at school cause LGBT students to not feel safe, want to cut school because they think that theres not many support at school. This has been an on going issues because throughout history LGBT people have been discriminated and judged for being who they are. Until this day theres still discrimination towards LGBT youth and adults, but slowly rising to the top to end hate towards them. I'm here for it! I stand by human rights to be treated equally and have freedom of speech, also to live a normal life just like every other person everyone should understand the true meaning of equality in America.

"one in five LGBT people skip school because they fear being bullied"

"86% of LGBT student are verbally harass for there sexual orientation."

"All student must be treated equally"

During my research I've learn a lot about the LGBT youth, positive news and negatives news. Throughout my findings I found many statistics such as "one out of five LGBT students cut school because of not feeling safe on campus". This makes it a serious matter because it affects their education and future life. This has affected me because I believe people should be treated equally no matter what gender you identify yourself as. I believe every opinion matters, every voice should be heard and no one should be discriminated for what they believe. After this learning experience I will influence people to get to know a person first before judging them. Many should be aware of not being judgmental and become a bully as not everyone is alike and carry different beliefs.


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