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Byron Bay High School delivers a collaborative learning environment where students achieve excellence through our connection with community and land, creating holistic leaders of the future.

Wonderful 2020 HSC Results!! Congratulations

Outstanding ATAR results we've been notified of so far

  • Mia Thom | 99.55
  • Mal Priestly | 94
  • Alex Towers | 92.55
  • Sam Jimenez-Swain | 93.95
  • Luke Nelson | 92.5

79 students sat their HSC Exams

  • 19 Recognised 2020 HSC Distinguished Achievers!
  • 39 achieved Band 6
  • 134 achieved Band 5
  • 131 achieved Band 4
  • Two students shortlisted for ARTEXPRESS HSC | Visual Arts
  • Two students nominated for CALLBACK | HSC Dance
  • Two students nominated for InTech | HSC Industrial Technology

We are so proud of you all!

Dates for 2021

Wednesday 3 February 2021 (first Wednesday back) - This day will be a normal four period day with NO SPORT. The last 40 minutes of Period 4 will be House Meetings for selection of Captains and information regarding the Swimming Carnival on Wednesday 10 February.


  • Tue 26 Jan | Australia Day
  • Wed 27 Jan | Staff Development Day
  • Thu 28 Jan | Staff Development Day
  • Fri 29 Jan | First day for Years 7, 11 and 12 – Day 1


  • Mon 1 Feb | All students back today – Day 2
  • Fri 5 Feb | School Photo Day
  • Wed 10 Feb | Swimming Carnival
  • Tue 16 Feb | School Photo Catch Up Day


Thu 11 Mar | Vaccinations - Year 7


  • Thu 1 Apr | Last day of Term 1
  • Fri 2 Apr | Good Friday
  • Sun 4 Apr | Easter Sunday
  • Mon 5 Apr | Easter Monday
  • Tue 20 Apr | First day of Term 2

Congratulations Mia-Cherry

Well done to Mia-Cherry Smith who was Awarded the Chancellor’s Scholarship at SCU.

Mia-Cherry Smith

Young People's Plan for the Planet (YPPP)

On 30 November and 1 December, a group of students from Years 8 to 10 took part in a Virtual Conference called The Young People’s Plan For The Planet (YPPP). In its fourth year, the YPPP brings together students from all over the world to design strategies that will help meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The YPPP members collaborated with other students and teachers internationally. We worked with schools in places such as India, Mauritius, Melbourne, Townsville and Singapore. Different speakers shared their experiences in a seminar at the beginning on how they were helping their local area and community become a better place sustainably and environmentally.

Students were then split into groups of about 16 people from around the globe, each group given a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), including: gender equality, good health and wellbeing, no poverty, life under water, life above water and better education.

The Year 10 students were involved in designing a project to meet the ‘Better Education’ goal and spent lots of time discussing the merits of each different states, and nations school days and years. They discovered many approaches to education and have created a plan which is continuing to be refined in a ‘Google Hang Out’ where they are keeping the conversation alive across the world.

The Year 9 students’ goal was ‘better health and wellbeing’ so they designed a wellbeing day for each year to run every term. This idea was similar to the ‘mental health day’ Year 9 had earlier this term at Byron Bay High School. A day allocated to doing activities, we as students like to do. The purpose of that project was to provide a day where students could relax and have fun, minimising the stress of school and improving health.

The year 8’s were in a group that discussed gender equality and how it affects society and humanity. Some of the topics that we covered included what we think gender equality is and how it is represented in our local community in both positive and negative ways. The students were then asked to brainstorm solutions to solve the problems of gender inequality. The solution that the international group came up with was to make a song that would be played world wide in primary schools, and embedded in educational programmes such as Healthy Harold.

The students had such a rewarding time learning and collaborating with different schools from around the world. It was great to be able to connect with other students that shared the same goal: working towards a sustainable and better future. We look forward to continuing to work with our newfound colleagues over the next few months before we meet again virtually in 2021 to share our progress.

Written by China, Lolah, Finley, Cinnamon and Jasmine

Year 7 Presentation Awards

When I first decided to become year advisor for 2020 I thought what a great way to challenge myself and learn aspects of Byron High that I probably didn’t know as much about.

What has been the wonderful reality and surprise is the bonus that I have received from getting to know you, watching you grow in many ways at high school and in seeing the connections that you have been making along the way.

Year 7 you have faced a tough start to high school, who would have thought you would be home learning in your first year of high school.

Covid brought out the best in many, created stressors for some and the “who cares” for others. But we all managed to bumble our way through somehow.

In life if it doesn’t challenge us it doesn’t change us. I think we were all challenged in different ways, regardless of how you tackled this time, and we all came back together and adjusted to our new norm.

I'm extremely proud of you all and how you have settled into high school, looked after one another and made Byron Bay High School your school.

On Presentation Day we gave out awards for outstanding work, but I know that many of you work consistently in class and in your own lives and you may not be formally recognised. But know this….. you are all recognised, we do see this work and effort that you put in and we want you to continue to work to challenge yourself every day and in every aspect of your life.

Year 7 well done on 2020, you’re a great group and I am proud to be your Year Adviser.

Mrs Kelley Caoyonan - Year 7 Year Adviser and Sport Coordinator

Year Advisor Awards

  • Evie Eastwell
  • Leonardo Lanzeni
  • Leo Rodd
  • Heidi Stone
  • Ruby Kostal
L to R: Evie Eastwell, Leonardo Lanzeni, Leo Rodd, Heidi Stone and Ruby Kostal

Principal award goes to - Tess Kennedy

L to R: Ms Janine Marcus, Mrs Kelley Caoyonan, Tess Kennedy and Mr Warren Lee

Year 9 Awards

As with so many other aspects of 2020, this year’s Presentation Assembly was a very different affair, with Year 9 celebrating and remembering the year with a separate gathering of their own. Despite the disruptions caused by COVID-19 there was still much to celebrate this year, with many students showing real improvement academically during 2020.

Choosing who to give the Year Adviser awards to was a challenge, with the increasing depth of academic achievement across a range of subjects on display. In the end it was Billie Aitken-McGregor who narrowly achieved the Principal’s Award for Academic Excellence, a great effort in a year that tested the resilience and motivation of all students.

Billie Aitken-McGregor

For the Outstanding Commitment that they all showed in their approach to their education, China Esson, Lolah Silberberg, Aaron Spry, Michael Kennedy, and Sienna Thom were the recipients of the Year Advisor’s Awards.

Two great musical performances were provided for our enjoyment, firstly by Lulu Miller and Josephine Nagel combining beautifully on piano and vocals, followed by the trio of Leo Laddin-Catron, Lolah Silberberg and Lucy Stephens playing an original tune written by Lolah herself.

All students in Year 9 are to be commended on their efforts this year and the way in which you have all maintained a positive attitude throughout. May 2021 see a return to a more “normal” school year, one in which we can all also again enjoy things like school sports, excursions and camps which are so often the highlights of our time here.

All the best to everyone for a safe, relaxing, and well-earned festive season.

Mr Brian Oxley - Year 9 Year Adviser

Sport update

Our last sport for 2020!! We managed to sneak in some fun for our last session, still plenty of energy left in these kids … Good luck for the school holidays parents! Merry

Christmas and Best wishes for 2021.

Mrs Kelley Caoyonan - Sport Coordinator

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