Food On The Move By: Declan Crowley

Mexican Burritos

Above are the recipes for making Mexican Burritos
Here is a picture of me cooking the filling that I will use in my Burrito
After wrapping the filling along with some cheese and beans in a tortilla, I lightly grilled the burrito to melt the cheese.
Here is my finished Burrito with a layer of melted cheese on it

Vietnamese Rice Rolls

In the rice rolls, we used some rice noodles, lettuce, carrots, shrimp and various herbs.
We then used rice paper to wrap our ingredients together.
Above is a picture of the rolls with a dipping sauce, I tasted the rice rolls and I didn’t like them, the mint and herbs didn’t mix well with the shrimp and noodles.


Above is the recipe which I will be following to make my sushi
Here is a picture of the ingredients I used already in my sushi.
Here is a picture of me wrapping the sushi
Here is a picture of the sushi I made

Curry Pockets

Here is the recipe for the curry pockets which I will be making.

We first had to dice a quarter of an onion, 2 tomatoes and 1 quarter of a green and red pepper.

After all the ingredients had been prepared, we started of with cooking the onion and tomatoes in the pot first with some oil and then after they had softened, we added the spices and the peppers.
To make the wonton skins for the curry pockets, we first had to preheat the oven to 180 degrees celcius, then when the oven was heated we put the skins in for 4 minutes or until the skins were a golden color.
Here is a picture of the curry pockets I made.

My Assessment Dish

For my assessment dish, I made sushi with shrimp, crab sticks, cucumber and tuna. And below is the sushi recipe I will be following

I first cooked my shrimp so they could cool down when I was preparing my other ingredients.
After I had prepared all my ingredients, I laid them down onto my nori sheet that also had a layer of sushi rice on it. I prepared the ingredients by cutting my cucumber into strips and peeling my crab sticks into thin stips.
Here is a picture of the sushi I made.
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