It Gives Jekyll By: Pano Prosiliakos


This gives Jekyll joy because it is his life passion to do this stuff.
It gives Jekyll joy doing experiments because that is what he wanted to do his whole life.
Jekyll has joy doing puzzles because science is all one big puzzle.


This gives Jekyll hope that he will find a cure to the drug he came up with because that drug is bad and he wants to get rid of it.
Jekyll hopes that he could visit the low class districts of society.
Jekyll is hopeful that he will make a breakthrough in the world of science because then people will respect him.


Jekyll takes pride in making new discoveries because it shows that he is a genius and that makes him prideful.
It gives Jekyll pride to make the drug for the good side and evil side because it shows him that he is smart and that he is a good scientist and not what everyone else says he is.
It gives Jekyll pride to be a scientist because that is his passion and that is what he wants to do. Being a successful scientist is living his dream and that is what he wants to be.


About to drink the drug gave Jekyll pause because he sort of knew what the consequences were but still had second thoughts while
When people believed that other people only had a good or bad side it gave Jekyll pause because knew other wise and that made him feel pause.
Worrying about how his friends will turn out when he is Hyde gives him pause because he is worried about his friends.


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