XboxOneS VS XboxOne by Jason Hannah

If your looking at the Xbox one s and your wondering if its worth the extra money well hears my answer why the Xbox one s Is worth the money.

XboxOneS VS XboxOne

The XboxOneS is 40% smaller than the original XboxOne

Controllers on the XboxOneS are updated with a textured grip and Bluetooth with longer range

4K Ultra HD, 4K Blu-ray and High Dynamic Range support

Over all the Xbox one s had the best design which is 40% smaller and physical buttons instead if the sensor because of people turning Xbox off on accident also instead of the external power brick the new Xbox one s has integrated power brick which means a cleaner setup and less cable management and the cooling system in the new Xbox one s has one fan on the top of the system with small holes to let air in instead of the fin like things one the original Xbox one. The Xbox one s looks cleaner and would work better in more setups because of the smaller design and the internal power brick to fit in small spaces on your desk/setup even mounted on your wall and TV .

I think the extra money is worth it because of all the new features

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