Elements of design in Nature

Repetition can be seen in the stripes of a zebra. The patter repeats itself over and over again.

Balance can be seen is the symmetry of leaves. This leaf is an example of symmetry since it is divided in half with one side mirroring the other.

This picture of the Sun is an example of the rule of thirds.

An example of radial symmetry can be seen in drops of water.

Nebula is an example with no symmetry.

A picture of mountains is an excellent example of proximity in nature. It can be clearly seen in this photo that some of the mountains are closer than others.

In this photo, negative space can be seen. The blue background, the sky is the negative space that makes the eagle stand out.
This snow creates white space in this picture.

This sunset is an example of contrast because the darker shades of color in the clouds cause the brighter colors to stand out.

This picture shows alignment in the way that the fern leaves are arranged in a straight line.


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