That Seasonal Light Okanagan winters

There's one thing I love about WINTER

Well, actually I love a lot about winter...but those small moments when it seems as if the very sky

opens up

and we can see


As far as we can imagine.

Those moments are simply magical here in my part of the Okanagan

With our below zero temperatures, ever increasing piles of snow, and low hanging somber grey clouds that hover over the edges of the mountains refusing to move all day.

The few golden moments a day can mean a lot when you live in a grey world all winter.

they are a incentive to get outside and go for a walk, despite the temperatures.

We can easily get down to -25 C or much lower, although for the last few years we've peaked at -18 C or so.

0 F to -13 F if you are not metric.

When the sky parts it mean that the landscape goes from this kind of a grey day when it seems as if the only color

is the red barn down the road....

To this shiny golden beauty


It only lasts

for a few minutes...

but while it does our entire world is stunning.


We're back to grey days again as soon as the sky closes up....


But even gray can be beautiful.

If you look at it in the right light.

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Jen Vandervoort


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