Resilient Mind Workshop Mindfulness Based Resilience & Performance for High Reliability Professionals

April 19th, 2019. 1730 - 2030hrs; April 20th 0830 - 1630hrs.

Denver North Facility- 5440 Roslyn Street, Building 5, Denver, CO 80216.

Tuition: $165

What is this Workshop?

An intensive introduction to the science of mind-body and cognitive conditioning through mindfulness meditation. Experiential practice through guided meditation and mindful movement are supported with discussions on scientific research to support resiliency. Mindfulness is a category of mind training that explores the three different modes of attention and trains them to enhance new forms of concentration, self-awareness, and situational awareness to enhance all cognitive, emotion regulation, tactical and interpersonal skills.

Mindfulness is the act of attending to the present-moment experience, with discernment, response intelligence, and clarity.

We train in these three arenas:

Thinking Mind

Our brains are constantly thinking. This is normal. We train to work with these thoughts, no matter the speed, volume or content.

Physical Body

Re-connecting to the physical body is key in our training. Learning to pay attention to our body is a critical resilience and performance skill.

Feeling & Emotion

Emotions: We all have them and we can't simply shut them off. We train awareness of both the physical experience and how we label emotion. This allows us to meet what's happening with less reactivity, greater discernment and equips us to better regulate our experiences of emotion and feeling states.

Re-Training our Inner Critic to become our Inner Coach

Learn skills in awareness and compassion that lead to more skillful emotion and thought regulation.

Learn skills that re-wire habits of thinking and create greater capacity to enter flow states under stress.

At the completion of this training, participants will be equipped to:

  • Apply an understanding of current research on gratitude, compassion & mindfulness to one’s own personal and professional life.
  • Begin a sustainable, personal mindfulness practice that integrates into the rhythms of daily living at work and home.
  • Embody an authentic warrior-humanitarian ethos, grounded in the discipline of awareness, the practice of compassion, and a skilled professional acumen.
  • Practice and sustain fundamental skills that foster self-awareness and self-regulation.
  • Create and sustain a greater capacity for leadership of self and others.


Laura McGladrey has instructed for the NOLS Wilderness Medicine for the past 20 years and is a Nurse Practitioner with dual certification, practicing both emergency medicine and psychiatry across the lifespan. She currently in the Emergency Department and the Stress Trauma Adversity Research and Treatment (START) Center trauma support for Emergency and Wilderness Responders. She has a background in international and relief work and continues to work teaching courses to teach wilderness medicine to providers and lectures nationally on Psychological First Aid and Stress Injuries.

Richard Goerling is a retired police lieutenant, resilience and performance researcher, military veteran, and a certified mindfulness facilitator through the University of California Los Angeles.Richard is affiliate faculty and part of a research team at Pacific University's Graduate School of Psychology. This team has published research around training mindfulness in policing and recently began a five year research and training project with the Albuquerque Police Department.

Open to first responders in police, fire, EMS, dispatch, medicine, social work, and other disciplines. Driver’s license / Passport or Military ID is required in order to gain access into the facility. Registration is required.

This training is sponsored by the University of Colorado's Responder Strong.

Tuition is $165 per person. A limited number of scholarships are available for retirees.


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