Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships

Why do we form relationships?

  • Similarity thesis
  • Complementary
  • Rewards (Social Exchange Theory) = Rewards outweigh costs
  • Competency
  • Proximity
  • Disclosure

Knapp's Model of Relational Development

  1. Initiating
  2. Experimenting
  3. Intesifying
  4. Integrating
  5. Bonding
  6. Differentiating
  7. Circumscribing
  8. Stagnating
  9. Avoiding
  10. Terminating


  • In groups, you will be assigned 3-4 stages to act out in the 'coming together', 'relational maintenance', or 'coming apart' stage.
  • Read the stages as a group or individually
  • Audience members should be able figure out what stage the relationship is on.


What are some limits to this model?


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