Ellis Island by: JAcob carpenter

The purposes to move to the United States were religious prosecution, the Great Potato Famine and starvation, no jobs in their original country, no freedom, and they were going from war. The immigrants had to go through a medical test once they got done being checked for disease,mental problems, and other things but they would get chalk marks with letters telling about their problem.

X - high up at the frontside of right shoulder - mental defects.

X - further down on the right shoulder - disease or deformity.

X - within a circle - some definite disease.

B - back problems

G - struma

H - hart problems

Pg - pregnancy

Ct - eye disease

Cons of Ellis Island

  • People got their kids just taken because they had disease, but they couldn't talk in English so they didn't understand.
  • All of the tests included something terrible.
  • People had to wait 3-5 hours until they could get checked which took about another hour or so.

Pros of Ellis Island

  • People got to freedom and better lives.
  • People got away from countries they hated.
  • People got to make their own discoveries.

Bob Hope

Bob Hope was a comedian and actor who died in 2003 at 100 years old in Los Angles, California. He came from England and went trough Ellis Island. He was a Hollywood star and acted in Road to Rio and Road to Bali. Bob was also, an athlete,author, and centenarian.

Bob Hope

One interesting fact is that the Government used Ellis Island as a jail during both World Wars.

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