Rockytop By The Osburne Brothers

From Rocky Top To Muddy Bottom

2008 | Country

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“Once two strangers climbed ol' Rocky Top lookin' for a moonshine still. -- Strangers ain't come down from Rocky Top, reckon they never will. -- Corn won't grow at all on Rocky Top. -- Dirt's too rocky by far. -- That's why all the folks on Rocky Top, get their corn from a jar."


  • The song hit #33 on the Billboard Country chart.
  • The duo tours with a band: The Bluegrass Buckaroos.
  • Rockytop is one of Tennessee's ten official state songs.


Luke Tatum

Ah, the simple life. No smog. No telephone. Moonshine. Can we stop to appreciate the magnificent amount of land that is in the United States? Overpopulation is a hilarious myth, and it's obvious to anyone who has driven around the United States. There is so much land with absolutely nothing on it. So, what is also hilarious is imagining that law enforcement can track down and shut down all illegal activities. Or even anything beginning to approach all of them. So moonshine in the hills is nothing. Maybe moonshine on every hill! How would they know?

Sherry Voluntary

Good ol’ Rocky Top. Of course, I put this song on the list. Rocky Top is within a half hour drive of me, and of course this is the fight song of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. The spirit of independence and defiance embodied in this song evokes a lot of nostalgia and sentiment for myself and many Tennesseans. It’s just too bad that nostalgia is almost all that’s left of that spirit that used to reside all throughout The South. You won’t find people with a more twisted sense of loyalty and patriotism to The State, while also still believing they are freedom loving patriots. It makes me sad, but it also puts the fire in me to bring the ideals of real freedom back to the people and the place that I hold dear to my heart.

Nicky P

I want to have the name of this song legally changed to Agorism is for lovers. I grew up in the country. The town I'm from didn't even have cops on weekends. We relied on the county sheriffs if anything happened. I don't recall lots of dead dogs growing up either...I wonder if there is a correlation? I kid, we know the correlation. Still There is absolutely a different way life works far away from a high density of people giving rise to the excuse for policing. I'm not saying life went on with no problems but the stakes certainly felt lower when you know everyone who might have a say. It's odd to me that the founders seemed to realize the law works better close to it's governed. Sadly America has forgotten this it seems. I guess the question is what lawman is going to go and upset its supplier of booze? They'd be lynched. That's law. Now go read some Bastiat and grab a jar of shine.

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Nicky P

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