Junior Kindergarten @ WCDS 2019-2020 It's Possible Here!

Time to put our city together!!
Beau’s Airport
Franceska’s hotel
Gage’s Spiderman Museum
Amira’s Hair Salon
Planning the road system around our city
“We need a bridge to the hospital”
“We need a parking garage!”
Working together
Building a Road System
Road play doh
Train math
Book Cooks
Building a tower so tall it touches the butterfly!
Tower Challenge!
Blocks make great skates!

Feb 17-21

Number 6
Multi-sensory letter writing
Elbow to elbow, knee to knee
Reading with a friend
Library in the classroom!
Random Acts of Kindness Day
Name practice
Concentrating on breathing
Reflecting on “Katy and the Big Snow” by Virginia Lee Burton
Skyscraper in block center
That hair ;)

Feb 10-14

Valentine’s Day! <3
Valentine Still Life Art
Frozen Heart Letter Match
Print Making
Valentine scissor practice
Beaded hearts
Beading wire hearts
Giant Valentine Hearts!
BIG heart painting
Adding decorations!
Let’s connect our hearts!!
Teddy & Samuel’s office building
Ben’s tunnel
Audrey & Charlie’s hospital
Giovanni’s pizza shop
Beau’s house
Alex’s fire station
Amira’s hair salon
Yoga with Miss Julie
Matisse art with Madame McAteer
Number hunt
Exploring that our body can make the letter Vv

February 3rd-7th

Finally... SNOW!!!
Working on the Parks & Recreation part of our city. Garden, Playground, Pool & Hotel
Water park construction
Farrah’s movie theater
Palmer’s Mexican restaurant
Everly’s Dance Studio
Ellie’s house for Nannie
Charlie & Audrey’s Hospital
Breathing practice -inhale & exhale
Germ experiment
Practicing good hand washing
Making our own paint colors
Bridge Building

January 27th-31st

Creating the night sky for our city skyline
Building the capital building
Beginning letter and sound matching
Upper and lower case letter matching
Beach ball Phonics - Letter and sound recognition

January 20th-24th

City mapping
Letter Rr -Road painting with cars
Making city buildings for our skyline
Can you build the Empire State Building?
Sandpaper provocation
Making our own finger paints
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Making pumpkin- banana dog treats
Book Cooks with Miss Julie

January 13th-17th

City planning
Safety visit from the police
Beginning sound game

January 6th-10th

Creating buildings for our city
Teddy’s tall tower of office buildings
Palmer’s Mexican Restaurant
Farrah’s movie theater
Team Parks and Recreation hard at work
Audrey & Charlie’s Hospital
Ben’s tunnel
Parker and Alex’s fire station and Matthew’s football field
Owen’s robot
“Ninja Alex” Dress up in house center
Alphabet bingo
Hop on sounds
Letter of the week
Choreography of calm breathing exercise
Happy Birthday, Giovanni!
Happy Birthday, Lyric!
Holiday Showcase
Snowflake chandeliers
Decorating the classroom
Making their snowflakes for the show
Paper mache snowballs
Coffee filter snowflakes
Tie-dying snowflakes
Alphabet detective
Secret Santa Shopping

December 2-6

November 25th & 26th- Thanksgiving Week

Lacing beads for our thankful ornaments.
More snowflakes for the Holiday Program. This time we practiced our cutting skills!
Story time with Linsly readers!
Welcome back, Devesh!
Thanksgiving Lunch!
We love Miss H!!

November 18th-22nd

Drawing our cities
Designing a city
Math centers
Snowflake decorations for the Holiday program
Starting out Thankful project
Happy Birthday Ella!

November 11th-15th

Build a city
Ramp investigation
Paper Airplanes
Loose part names
Kindness Spots
Beautiful Stuff Show & Tell
Thank you to Ella's family for the beautiful flower donation!

Nov 4-8

ABC Yoga
Letter Hh

Oct 28-Nov 1

Happy Halloween from Junior Kindergarten
Halloween Parade
Fa-BOO!- lous
Witch way to the party?
SPOOKtacular Centers
Haunted House Sculptures
Decorating Pumpkin Center Pieces
Halloween Safety with Miss Beth
Playground fun!

October 21-25

Nicky’s Garden Center
Bob the scare crow
Pine Cone Paintings
Leaf Provocation

October 15- 18

Wing Workshop Part ll
Butterfly Release
Grandparents Day!

Oct 7-11

Wing Workshop
Partner Building
Rhyming Pairs
Drawing the butterfly stage

Sept 30-Oct 4

Life is about exploring pasta-bilities
We got a new water fountain!
Checking out the progress of our caterpillars
Documenting the chrysalis stage
Happy Birthday Franceska!
Mindfulness- Exploring Emotions
Number 4
Exploring number 4
Letter Ll
Stages of a butterfly
Butterfly Wing Designs
Oh the places your imagination will take you!

Sept 23-27

Butterfly Symmetry Paintings
Butterfly Yoga
Looking at the way our mouths move when we make letter sounds
They’re sprouting!
We found another caterpillar!
Outdoor Play
Teamwork 🦋
Our beautiful butterfly masterpiece!
Exploring shapes
Painting our flower prints
Birthday hugs for Miss Bri
Woah, a chrysalis!

Sept 16-20

Planting our own flowers
Meeting our caterpillars for the first time and giving them names!
Butterfly Transient Art
Creating caterpillars and chrysalides
Exploring cellophane to create butterflies
Yoga with Miss Julie
Dance with Miss Erica -learning to salsa
Turtles hiding in their shell

Sept 9-13th

Flower Paintings
Painting flower pots to prepare for planting
We found a caterpillar!
And a butterfly!
We visited the school garden with Miss Miki
Family picture collaborative art
Letter Tt
Number 2
Clay and pressed flowers
Blooming yoga with Miss Julie

Sept 2-6

Letter Aa
Shaving cream Letter Aa
Exploring Types of Seeds
Flower Provocation
Daily Discovery Team Work
Family show & tell
Lemonade War Carnival

Aug 26-30

Painting Frames for their Self-Portraits
Yoga with Miss Julie
Upper and lower case letter matching
Make your name activity
Loose part names
Alphabet detective
Book Cooks with Miss Julie
Tasting Homemade Applesauce

Aug 19-23

All About Faces
Self Portrait Drawings
Outdoor Play
Music with Miss Amanda
Body Break!

First Day of School Pictures

Beau C.
Beau Y.
Yoga with Miss Julie
Center time