Simple Techniques for Stress Relief👍 There are several simple techniques that can help with your stress!

Stress Baltress bal

A stress ball is a malleable toy that releases stress by squeezing it.

How to make a stress ball.

Things you need to make a stress ball is, a few ballons, flour, rice or beans, and a funnel. Get a ballon and fill it with one of the fillings. Blow up the ballon slightly (this is optional). Stick a funnel into the neck and fill up the ballon. Take out excess air and tie the ballon close. Wrap around two more balloons and you have a stress ball.

If you're under stress just take your stress ball and play with it.

Breathing techniques

Breath in throw your nose for 4 seconds, hold for seven seconds and exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds. While you are doing this try to erase everything from your head. It will help you relax because it will keep your breathing under control.

Sit in a comfortable position, with a straight spine and your head inclined slightly forward. Start by exhaling for one second. Inhale and exhale for two seconds.Do this up to five seconds. Never count higher then five. You will notice that that you may wander off and do it for eight or even twelve. So make sure your focus is on your breathing. Try to do this technique for at least ten minutes.

Pursed Lip Breathing. This technique slows your breathing down and helps you relax. Breathe in through your nose, like you are smelling something for two seconds. Then pucker your lips and breathe out very slowly for two or three times the amount you breathed in.

I hope that these simple techniques will help relieve your stress.👍


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