Centennial Way Dog Park South san francisco, ca

There's a reason why this park is so large.

Because it's not in San Francisco.

A short ride away, this park is just south of San Francisco, in South San Francisco (get it? 😁). The park is primarily wood chips with a perimeter dirt trail and grass. In the middle there's an astroturf run, which, in my opinion is kind of random, considering how small it is.

This park is HUGE!

At the other end of the large dog run

Even the small dog run is huge with a big plot of astroturf...well...given how small the doggies are in here 😉

Facing the small dog run

The 2 runs are side by side, with a shared entrance (and shared wall).

We've only been here when there are husky meet ups, but we've heard from other dog parents and seen on Yelp, some people reporting that it's common for scuffles to break out here. I personally don't believe in "bad breeds" and I think it's important to look at the whole picture. I personally think it's more because regular visitors are from the neighborhood (more suburban) so the dogs are just from a different kind of environment, and perhaps not so well socialized on a daily basis the way city dogs might be, but even during husky meet ups I've never seen anything out of the ordinary - and we meet from all over the Bay area.

Look at all our furry tails!

One thing that is unpredictable is the weather!

After a lot of rain/during the winter this place turns into a fun mud pit! Some days there are some serious winds and on others it's so hot with very little shade. In fact, the shaded seating area for both the small and large dog run is covered by the same covering, so it gets crowded in that tiny space on those sunny days.

Centennial Way is a paved 2.85 path from the South San Francisco Bart station to San Bruno Bart station, so you can also go running, walking, biking here. You can check here for more details.

Things your fur parents want to know:

  • Yes, there is parking (there is a parking lot entrance on Memorial Drive)
  • Yes, this is a fenced enclosure
  • Yes, there is a separate area for small dogs
  • Yes, there are doggy (and human) water fountains
  • Yes, there are poop bags
  • Yes, there are trash bins
  • Yes, there are benches
  • No, there are no toilets

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