ACCOUNTABILITY It happens in you... not to you.

A Few Thoughts on Accountability- This is something that we all talk about frequently and has been a buzz word as of late, I wanted to let you all know what I think accountability means and why it is important to you, to your teams, to your Regions, to the State, to the Territory, to Aflac and even to your Spouses, your Families, your Children & your LIVES. Being accountable is not simply about taking a tally or keeping score, being accountable does not mean that you have “Tough conversations” or that you are overly direct with your associates. Being accountable does not mean that you simply begin to ask people to go and do things and report back their “Score”. All too often accountability gets misunderstood as tracking, reporting, checking in, keeping score etc… While accountability coaching can incorporate all of those things BEING ACCOUNTABLE is different. You see Accountability is not something that I believe can be done to you or for you, it has to HAPPEN IN YOU. It has to be born in your heart, it has to make its way to your mind and once the roots of Accountability are firmly planted in your heart & mind then you will begin to consider yourself “Accountable” you will begin to crave the conversation about how your team is doing with your RSC, a fellow DSC, a coaching moment with an Agent or a learning/listening moment with your Spouse. When Accountability is rooted deep in your heart and mind you will find yourself making less excuses, it’s a flat fact, you will make less excuses! You will make less excuses because you will do more, you will work more, you will care more, you will love more, you will operate with a sense of confidence and quiet calm swagger even in the face of difficult odds. You will begin to look forward to keeping score, you will begin to take pride in the fact that you hold yourself Accountable in life, nobody does it to you. YOU HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE BECAUSE ACCOUNTABILITY HAPPENS IN YOU, NOT TO YOU. People who have Accountability rooted deep in their hearts and minds also begin to show PRIDE, DETERMINATION, WORK ETHIC, SUCCESS, CALM, CONFIDENCE, PATIENCE and the list goes on and on….. Accountability is the GLUE that brings together the different stages of accomplishment…….”WHAT I WANT TO DO” with…… “WHAT I PLAN TO DO” with…… “WHAT I AM DOING NOW” to……. “WHAT I HAVE DONE!”. Without this glue that comes from the inside of you, how does anyone ever become a better leader? A better Agent? A better coach? A better Father? A better spouse? A better friend? A better listener? You cannot think that you can go from “What I want to do”….. to….. “What I have done” without Accountability along the way. Accountability is a cousin to EXECUTION but I believe that EXECUTION is the tactical or operational function of actually “getting-to-work” or “doing the right things”, the right things to achieve a goal etc...… BUT WHY ARE YOU EXECUTING? Why are you doing those things? Does it come from someone telling you to? Or is it from INSIDE OF YOU IN YOUR HEART AND MIND? Could it be perhaps that you hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE!!! My friends Accountability is quite possibly one of the oldest lessons humankind has been taught. It is rooted in and passed down through faith, many faiths…. take your pick….. it is also passed through the generations in folklore, stories you name it!!!! Accountability is something that we should all work towards, not just for our business but because our Agents, Spouses, Friends, Colleagues, Leaders, Clients deserve to have leaders in Colorado that hold themselves Accountable in their hearts and minds. The constant work towards BEING ACCOUNTABLE in your HEART & MIND is something that I am working on constantly and I challenge all of you to work on it too.

As you begin to finalize your business plans, as you begin to rev-up your teams up for another 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months & 4 quarters I ask you to stop for a second and think…… “Am I Accountable? Do I holdmyself Accountable?” If the answer to that question is no, then speak with your RSC or give me a call and we can grab a cup of coffee and help work on changing that, getting you on a path of belief towards Accountability inside yourself. If you don’t speak up, we can’t help and the Accountability coaching will come anyway…..That’s what leaders are here for, to help hold you Accountable in a positive loving way but to also help you find your own Accountability that takes root in your own heart and your own mind. After that comes EMPOWERMENT and believe me… GREAT SUCCESS.

I am Accountable to God, my wife Carolyn and daughter Claire. I am Accountable to Nate, Andy and to Aflac. I am also Accountable to YOU. As leaders in Colorado always remember that EXPLOSIVE GROWTH is built on the backs of teams whose leadership majority has Accountability rooted deep in their own hearts and their own minds because only with Accountability can you get from “What I want to do” ……to….. “What I have done!”

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